China is ‘mobilizing its civilians for battle,’ professional warns


Gordon Chang with us this morning all right Gordon what is the significance of the this direct Channel Challenge from Xi Jinping Xi Jinping and his foreign minister Qing gong are building a case for war they're trying to justify a strike on the United States James Lilly our great ambassador to Beijing in the 1980s and 1990s put it best when he said.

The Chinese always Telegraph their punches well Xi Jinping is telegraphing as punch how important is the military in China at the moment it's getting more and more power over the political system and we see this you know at the national people's Congress which is now go ongoing they announced a 7.2 percent increase in the Chinese military budget.

We don't know what exactly it'll be but it's certainly greater than GDP growth for this year just go back to last year they announced a 7.1 percent increase for 2022 they actually had GDP growth of reported 3.0 percent but a lot of economists and analysts think it was actually negative that shows you the Chinese military is getting so much.

Power in the system and that means the Chinese military are now thinking about what they can do not what they should do and one of the things they think they can do and did was this to us fly the supply of the Spy balloon over our country now speak of McCarthy he's going to meet taiwan's president in California he's not going to Taiwan are you.

Disappointed with that I'm a little bit in a sense that McCarthy going to Taipei was a deterrence message now I don't care if he actually goes to Taipei but if he doesn't then tie and when the Taiwan President should be met in Washingt on D.C that's a clever way of getting back at the Chinese saying oh you know.

McCarthy shouldn't go to Taipei okay well we'll have the Taiwan President meet our president and the Speaker of the House in Washington D.C that's a deterrent message and we need more of those messages running for the presidency on this program says look we've really got a not exactly Stick it to the China but we've.

Got to say American businesses should not be doing business in China look I find that rather extreme how about you well it is Extreme if you're talking about peacetime but if you think you're going to war and the Chinese think they are then it's not extreme because it is strategically and morally wrong to give your enemy and the Chinese do call us in.

Enemies too to give the enemy the means in order to develop their military which is configured to fight America so no it's it's not extreme not at this time when we are on the precipice of the third world war if Disney withdrew from China always not allowed to do business there or apple or any of our technology companies that's huge I mean that is.

Incredibly disruptive sure and so is the death of hundreds of millions of Americans yeah but they've not got there yet have they you know but that's where they're going still preemptive action yeah look Stu the Chinese the Chinese political system is now mobilizing China's civilians for war in July an entrepreneur told me that in.

China he's making medical products for the civilian sector he told me that Communist party cadres went to him and demanded that he convert his production lines to make items for the Chinese military the Communist party has given that order to many Chinese Factory owners and in fact the Communist party is now operating a lot of factories that.

Once were privately owned because the owners did not want to stick around for what they thought was XI jinping's War that's how close we are it's ominous Gordon and thank you very much for being with us appreciate it sir thank you

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  1. We know all the pieces you intend. We know all the pieces you create. There are no secrets. Now we believe warned your leaders for your governments of nuclear proliferation. No extra warnings. Coexist or perish. So be it. )-(

  2. Haha they're lawful making ready! We've been ready for them!! They don't know anything haha Everyone here has gun's and we aren't shy to exercise them. We assign no longer believe anything to lose and all the pieces to realize!!! So lift it I will name the powers of my God to tumble for your head's!! You is rarely any longer going to lift because you create no longer imagine in God and my God lives we the American people are no longer shy of you!!!

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