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We are tracking more rain flooding and power outages for parts of California tonight President Biden has declared a major disaster in the Golden State just look at these images ordering federal aid to affected areas unfortunately at least 19 people are dead in the state and flood warnings have been issued across the bay area and Central Valley.

That includes Napa Marin Sonoma Sacramento Merced and Fresno County's evacuations have been ordered in Monterey County on the Central Coast as well and take a look the winter storm warnings and the higher elevations up to two feet of snow forecasted tonight into Monday in the Sierra Nevada mountains news Nation meteorologist Dax Clark the.

Big question Dax what's the latest on when California will get some relief here looking like we're going to see that Relief by the second half of this week we also have some new information coming out of Alabama a total of nine tornadoes are now confirmed to have hit Central Alabama on Thursday a storm survey team is going to be heading out.

Today in the National Weather Service in Birmingham also has confirmed those seven deaths the tornado which struck the Soma area carved a 75-mile path of Destruction causing ef3 damage that means Winds of up to 165 miles an hour did occur hundreds of homes have been damaged and the cleanup continues and shifting gears towards the West this is.

A new video out of California from the flooding we saw just this weekend it happened in Santa Cruz County after several rounds of intense thunderstorms this neighborhood right now inundated with sanding high water enough to submerge some of the wheels of those Vehicles now the ground is already saturated by those previous storms and.

This water simply has nowhere to go and as we take a look at what's going on right now we already have rain continuing all across the state of California from San Francisco down through Los Angeles with that being said we do do have a flood watch that remains in effect for the San Francisco area everyone here shaded ingredients about.

10 million people were talking a threat for flash flooding and mud slides across all of the green shaded area and we've got another round to go as we go throughout the next couple of days or so this is going into tonight into tomorrow a lot more in the way of heavy rainfall across the state of California heavy snow in the higher elevations of.

California in the Sierras there and that's going to be the case as we go throughout the next several days we could be talking about one maybe even two feet of snow occurring in the higher terrain one to three inches of rain across the lower elevations only going to aggravate the flooding situation and as we go into the middle of the week yep.

Natasha we may be seeing more severe weather in the South maybe some more snow in the midwest we'll talk about it coming up in the next hour coming up all right Dax Clark appreciate the update thank you so much thank you for watching go to to find news Nation on your television provider and don't forget to click the red.

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