California Iciness Storm: Snow storm change – Feb. 23, 2023


Our top story a winter storm taking hold take a look at this thanks to Katrina and El Dorado Hills for this video showing gruple falling on her back porch just before three this afternoon and in the Sierra today it was near whiteout conditions at times this is how things looked on I-80 at Donner this afternoon and so we do have team coverage tonight.

ABC 10's Alicia Machado has a look at the dangerous traffic conditions in the Sierra but we start tonight with chief meteorologist Monica Woods who's tracking the latest conditions right now we're continuing to watch how low that snow will go as you can see look at this big band of rain getting ready to move through the valley coming out of the.

Coastal Hills and pressing its way into the valley locations right now coming down hard along I-80 near Vacaville Fairfield up towards Winters along 505 and Esparto Woodland Davis we're next in line to get some of that heavy rain and that will be pressing in towards Yuba City Marysville and eventually into the Foothills and the Sierra era where right.

Now we're getting some break from some of the widespread heavy snow that we've been experiencing throughout today as far as those winds picking up right now to about 25 miles per hour and this is all a part of the wind advisory that will be in play until tomorrow afternoon wind gusts up to about 50 miles per hour also in the High Country winter weather.

Advisory through Saturday morning and for the lower elevations it is a winter storm warning snow below a thousand feet and that will continue Friday and for some of us into Saturday as well temperatures right now a little bit too warm to snow currently in the 40s in the valley 32 for Placerville we're at 29 degrees for Nevada City and those.

Temperatures have been holding pretty steady here you can see the snow Pockets that are trying to develop overnight tonight through early tomorrow at some of the lower elevations and periods of some heavy rain coming into the valley through the morning commute and into the afternoon as well risk of thunderstorms and more low snow all of that coming up.

Guys all right Monica thank you and a live look at road conditions if we can tonight take a look at this really dark out there but we can still kind of see there in that shot where heavy snow and strong winds may travel conditions dangerous at times our Alicia Machado was in the Sierra tonight to get a closer look at conditions she has more.

Tonight in Colfax on how this storm is impacting travel plans drivers who are planning on traveling up to the snow over the next few days should expect road closures or delays as winter storm conditions continue snow falling over I-80 near Colfax Thursday night making it tough for drivers to see on the roads some.

Travelers from Sacramento and the Bay Area deciding to head back West after hours of waiting road closures putting a damper on weekend plans in the Sierra a little sad but I know we're going to be able to do it Avery Hancock and her father coming up from San Jose to enjoy a weekend of winter fun just skiing maybe finding some sledding uh just.

Trying to do whatever we can in the snow but stuck at the Colfax exit Thursday evening waiting for I-80 to reopen and this isn't the first time they've dealt with the closure lots of the last trips haven't been good we've been tempting to go back our luck isn't any better right now I-80 was closed in both directions Thursday afternoon and into the evening.

Due to spin outs and weather conditions some drivers headed home but others decided to wait it out like the Cooper family from Sacramento we're just going to see you know maybe stick around for an hour see what it does and we might have to go up tomorrow while it might not look like much snow down in Colfax you can see the extent of the problem.

Further up 80. Dutch Flat seeing whiteout conditions Thursday afternoon this look from the Caltrans camera over the highway truck driver Daryl Haggard says he waited for more than three and a half hours when we spoke to him I thought I would make it through but the luck of nature he's driving a load of food from Sacramento to Iowa but.

Despite the waiting Haggard says safety comes first I can say that they actually looked out for the lives of others due to the fact that there were mishaps down the road so they enabled themselves to get it cleaned up and kept us from running into it for those thinking of traveling up to the Sierra Caltrans says Friday is not going to be a good time.

Due to weather conditions but they do say that Saturday and Sunday storms are expected to be weaker so that might be a better time Alicia thank you warming centers are now open in Sacramento several locations are open and snacks will be available they are open from 7 PM to 7 A.M until March 3rd now if you or your family need help.

You can contact 311 for more information and be sure to download the free ABC 10 app to get the latest news and weather updates sent straight to your phone

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