California facing tenth storm system since Christmas


In California the weekend washout is far from over tonight 7 million remain under flood alerts including San Francisco high winds may have also caused this big rig to tip over on the Golden Gate Bridge shutting down Lanes in both directions near Lake Tahoe Interstate 80 stalled by snow after several spin outs stranding drivers this holiday weekend.

An additional one to three feet of snow expected through Monday night while the system may not produce as much rain as previous storms already saturated land is giving way in Southern California oh my god get away and in La Jolla a man was rescued from Storm Waters after driving off a cliff Saturday rescue crews in a precarious position hampered.

By rain and crashing waves managed to airlift him to safety Swift water rescue teams hoisted this woman hanging onto a tree to steady ground in Laguna Hills President Joe Biden approving a disaster declaration for Merced Sacramento and Santa Cruz as the impacts of these storms proved deadly and costly it's really been from.

The mountains to the Sea north to south we've been impacted all over in Santa Cruz more than 1 000 residents need funds to rebuild according to emergency officials who are closely watching this active mudslide that will keep Highway 9 closed for weeks as the road is now compromised Dana I've talked with you on NBC News.

Daily for what a couple of weeks now it seems like this is never going to end you know Kate we got a nice reprieve this morning but as you can see the rain is back the good news is the remainder of January is expected to be dry which is going to be so helpful for communities like this that need to repair damage like you see behind me at.

The Capitola Wharf okay yeah that's for sure Dana Griffin thank you thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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