Busted: Fox Info caught on secret recording amid billion buck lawsuit for peddling lies


The top story Rock and conservative politics and Fox News tonight is a huge new leak about this moment in 2020 when Fox News accurately reported that Biden won Arizona which stoked a mega backlash that upended the network fed the series of journalistic offenses we've been telling you about that fox now is facing potential accountability for potentially.

Over a billion dollars in lawsuit fines it's also now led to the absolute Blockbuster leak to the New York Times And if you're thinking oh Ari I've heard about other leaks this one is different and brand new and it narrates a secret Panic meeting among Fox Executives and hosts about that accurate Arizona call where Trump lost the time says they.

Obtained the entire Zoom call which shows an internal freakout where viewers were mad and bailing on Fox because they were reported in that instance one undeniable fact about the election and the executives and anchors Brett Bear and Martha McCollum on this call they discuss that they were losing viewers because they correctly called Arizona.

For Biden and then they discuss whether the company should reverse that call as a kind of Lie to appease these angry Trump viewers and or change their entire election coverage going forward basically saying telling the truth in this instance has reverberated so poorly maybe we should stop telling the truth now this.

Is absolutely damning incriminating stuff keep in mind before I go any further and I'm going to show you the the receipts but keep in mind news outlets do not auction off reporting to the highest audience they don't State knowing falsehoods only for ratings of all the valid critiques.

Of media and there are many this type of thing just canceling an election call or reversing it this doesn't even come up no legitimate news organization has faced evidence of anything like this in its election coverage in the modern era in other words if you're listening to this story and going well I have a lot.

Of friends who criticize the Press sure and some of those critiques are valid the type of factual critiques about the Press about bias about selective coverage about corporate interference none of that goes anywhere close to this a Fox CEO now caught on tape saying if we hadn't called Arizona accurately our ratings would have been higher and she.

Gives away the game by saying that it was bad that Fox's elections expert told the truth about Arizona saying again from this newly leaked Call that his job was not to do accurate election coverage it was to quote protect the brand then when Fox's own election expert pushes back again we're seeing well behind the curtain of high-level stuff.

You never normally see the expert pushes back says they had to call right which is true and then the New York Times reports that the fox CEOs Scott agreed it was important to be right quote but I think we're living in a new world in a sense where half of the voting population doesn't believe in big corporations big Tech big media there's.

A lack of trust this is such BS I want to make sure you understand exactly what it is because it's the kind of echo you might hear from someone at some barbecue or dinner party it's a common spit those people lying to you some of them are on your screen right now they lie to you they undermine trust then they refer to a.

Lack of trust out there which is their justification for what they're doing and to tell you the obvious tonight because sometimes I do that it is illogical to say you can't report the truth if half the population disagrees with the truth again we're back to like 101 here the.

Whole role of a legitimate news organization is to report facts regardless of people's disagreement and especially when there is a coordinated attack on the facts in this case an attack from the outgoing government that was trying to overthrow the election where people were killed and a coup was attempted that's of course what makes.

All this so important that's why it's still in the news because of the sheer Stakes of it not just some random isolated Lie from somebody who admits that they run Fox News to protect a brand now let me read you more receipts again courtesy of the times and that same leaked call Fox hosts Martha McCallum.

Talks about the tremendous backlash they got Fox's 6 PM host Brett Baer then raises the idea of reversing the accurate call saying quote it's hurting us the sooner we pull it even if it gives us a major egg and put it back in Trump's column the better we are in my opinion.

Damn people just telling on themselves Mr bear clearly didn't know this Zoom call would get out to the whole world and this newly leaked Call now shows in his own words I'm not adding anything here bear wanted to pull the accurate report here he was making that call.

The Fox News decision desk is calling Arizona for Joe Biden that is a big get for the Biden campaign Fox News went on to fire one of the election staffers who was involved in making the correct Arizona call we did know that already this leaked Zoom conversation adds a lot more context it shows that fox is the kind of.

Media company where getting a story right is what can get you fired they did not though publicly reverse that call now all this comes after the chief of the fox Empire Rupert Murdoch admitted that he and top anchors knew Trump's big election lie was quote crazy and he says he admits under oath some of them.

Endorsed it anyway now how do we get here why is this still in the news well for weeks the billion dollar defamation case against fox has driven some really rough headlines based on that case's material secret texts emails depositions going public like the.

Murdoch one and that is all an unavoidable part of legal trial discovery but there is no indication from The New York Times where this new call recording leak came from it's possible I suppose that it was a recording accidentally made by Fox that went into some evidence grouping.

And got turned over to the case it's technically possible we cannot at this hour rule that out but most people on that call would not want it recorded in the first place would not knowingly record it to then put it in an Evidence pile the New York Times States the leak and their reporting is based on quote a recording of the call reviewed by the.

New York Times they don't mention the case at all and that raises other possibilities the possibility that someone inside Fox secretly recorded it as that heat was Rising knowing that someday that call could be used to damage the people on it or even the Fox CEO herself it raises the possibility that this call.

Was leaked by Fox itself to hurt people at the top of fox because there are people even above that worried about the heat right now so New York Times just doesn't stay and this is our practice here we tell you what we know and we don't know we don't have the sourcing but we have Clues and this is a time where the walls keep.

Closing in had a company run by people who've weathered Decades of scandals by negotiating everything the truth obviously business obviously relationships all the time these are the people who knowingly contributed to the attempted overthrow of your government so this evidence matters a heck of a lot.

Right now thank you

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