Buffalo 3.8 magnitude earthquake: Western Fresh Yorkers share what they felt


And what are you finding here you know what on I'm just kind of looking up here again the latest uh from the you know U.S uh oh here we go finally they have information that just came in fantastic this is from the U.S Geological Survey of 3.8 magnitude earthquake two kilometers so about one and a half mile East Northeast of West Seneca New York.

So they just posted that when I just hit refresh right now okay so environment uh Canada's saying 4.2 okay U.S saying 3.8 okay magnitude with a depth of about three kilometers so uh again that's about two miles so uh right near West Seneca as uh two kilometers east Northeast of West Seneca New York um the interactive map it says do you.

Did you feel it uh so we're looking that up right now that just they just posted it um when I hit the refresh button okay so you're learning this information as we are right as you're seeing it yeah so we have 4.2 from Canada 3.2 uh 3.8 rather measured uh in the US with the center uh their right near West Seneca okay so we.

Have another caller on with us right now Denise from strikersville Denise thank you for giving us a call what was your experience this morning where were you when you felt this do we have Denise with us hi hi good morning Denise tell us what you experienced um I just let my son on the bus and then.

I sat down in my whole house that just felt like someone banged on the side of it it shook battled me and then I just went and looked outside turned the lights on and then I didn't see anything obviously and then I'm watching you in your live reaction to it as well I'm like okay it's not just me I'm not crazy I know I felt like I had one of those I.

Mean we really thought something happened in our building you know yeah so Denise you're in strikersville so that's in Wyoming County yeah this we're seeing now the area where it hit and Aaron was just looking up and seeing this from the USGS saying that it was his 3.8 magnitude earthquake really close to West Seneca and you felt it all.

The way over in Wyoming County yes oh my goodness okay so and you were awake at the time oh yeah I was awake yeah yeah and did you I just got on the bus for high school so yeah goodness yeah yeah wow well thank you I mean now we're learning I mean Wyoming County is probably about the furthest away that we've heard.

People have been feeling it so thank you so much for calling in and sharing your story Denise we really appreciate it every report I did see thank you thank you Lewiston said someone didn't feel it there okay so maybe it did not feel it that far but uh we're feeling it just about everywhere else now here in Western I had a friend in Niagara Falls.

Who sent me a message and said what was that and I said it has to have been an earthquake as we were still learning more information looking right now this is pretty fascinating you can go on there on their website uh near West Seneca and uh looks like right near Knox Park Mineral Springs Road okay uh looks like that's where Indian Church Road.

That corner right there yep okay oh perfect very good doing the same thing on set they're doing it right there so you'll see the you know the diet where they have it uh so right near two kilometers east Northeast of West Seneca with a magnitude 3.8 on the Richter now I just got a message from Lynn who's in Fort Erie she says Katie it woke me up.

Here in Fort Erie I've experienced this in the area before wow my whole house shook and the roar woke me Susan says Katie it was awful I'm in Cheektowaga it was so loud it knocked the power out in my bathroom I am still shaking Martin says she felt it in Kenmore here's one from Jill in West Seneca house shook so bad it felt like an explosion which.

Makes sense now that we know that you know the center was right near West Seneca this morning and I see Dennis says in Riverside too his whole neighborhood Chuck but Aaron I thought the whole neighborhood shook in Riverside thought A truck hit the house right that is so crazy here's one um Melissa started thought a car hit her.

House uh Snyder near the airport thought a plane was 10 feet above the house for about three to five seconds we have another viewer Jenna would you tell me again Sandy from the town of Tonawanda is with us right now Sandy hi good morning good morning how are you good thank you for calling in tell us what you experienced.

This morning when this happened well like I thought at the same time you felt I was sitting on the couch watching you and the house shook really bad and my couch actually moved it was like kind of sliding so I was a little panicked I wasn't quite sure what was going on so thankfully you had felt it too so I thought maybe something was up but it.

Was it was interesting because I don't think I've ever felt the earthquake before so that's just a good 10 seconds yeah oh my goodness I know we felt so when that actually happened we were just coming out of weather and coming over to me and I thought you know what I I I I think you probably saw that I was so startled by it I had to acknowledge it.

Because I thought oh my gosh did a crash just happened outside the building we had to acknowledge it because the whole building and then all of a sudden phone's going ding ding ding ding your phone's going crazy you're looking at social media hey just posted hey the whole station just shook did you feel it yeah I've got about 100.

Messages from people all over Western New York again now we're at 3.8 magnitude earthquake in Western New York that's from the U.S Geological Survey the you know in Canada they measured a 4.2 bottom line that is a strong earthquake for this area well you were saying that in town of Tonawanda you're couch moved when this happened.

Oh I think oh we don't have everybody well thank you thanks so much for calling it she was singing out that she felt her whole couch actually move as this was happening yeah Rhonda just said the whole house shook uh Cheektowaga felt it um uh East Aurora felt like an explosion Now Easter or West Seneca those areas.

And the South Towns probably felt it the most right since that's where it looks like I keep wanting to say Center circulation but that's where um it looks like the you know the earthquake was centered so here's someone else Mellie lives in the West Seneca area here in West Seneca she's at work or excuse me she works in the West Seneca area.

There were two huge rumbles my heart was racing I thought a truck hit the building terrifying to feel that I keep hearing small crackles since my my son was home in South Buffalo sound asleep woke up very scared said the whole house shook and his figures rattled off the shelf and his TV shook now Linda in Brant tells me she did not feel anything.

Really okay and we're gonna pull up a tweet right now from West Seneca Police well good morning everyone just your usual Buffalo morning earthquake back to bed okay this Police Department they're very funny they are very funny and they are always on top of everything so we appreciate that uh yeah you can see a.

Lot of people retweeting that and quote tweeting it as it's actually happening uh just got a message from Daniel he did not feel it in Stockton so further in the Southern Tier area we did not feel that earthquake okay we've got another viewer with us right now Alberta from Silver Creek good morning thanks for calling in what did.

You feel in Silver Creek hi good morning I was sitting in my chair and um the cats and the dogs kind of went a little crazy and then the um I land next to me it was just like a light vibration was shaking oh wow okay so did you hear a boom or anything or was it really just more the vibrations there it's just more the vibration oh my goodness wow well.

Thank you for calling in I mean this is you know I have worked in this market for about since 2009 and we had a smaller earthquake closer to that time we had we've had a couple of small ones a couple times I've been sitting in the house going I think the house just shook yes I do remember that you're like oh it's a one point something for Batavia.

But a 3.8 you know I don't I don't know offhand the strongest ones that we've had reported but we'll get to the bottom of that as the day moves along really gives you a perspective of how strong these are when we're talking about turkey right now with a 7.8 and in 3.8 so just about Western Union Alberta are you still with us this morning.

Is she still with us this morning no she doesn't okay well thank you so much for calling in uh If you experience this earthquake as well do us a favor and call in because we'd love to hear everybody's experiences again I want to give you that number to call in right now 644-9840 and we are getting a number of.

Emails about this as well let's see here I just got an email from someone hi I live in 40 or he woke us up out of sound sleep sounded like a roar shook the whole house super creepy and scary thought it was an explosion Sharon says I'm in Amherst it felt like agitation from a washing machine when it's unbalanced lasted about four seconds oh.

And Sarah says good morning Medina felt it okay Medina felt it Paul says he fell he was in bed bed lifted up and shook near Frontier Middle School in Hamburg makes sense closer to West Seneca you probably feel uh more of it a lot of people rolling ground shake went right through the house walls and ceiling Creek could feel it from west to east.

Daughter fell rumbling in the car um uh Michael Schwartz said it woke him up yeah right Michael Smith was in the downtown area okay we have another caller with us right now Delaney from East Buffalo hi Delaney good morning thank you for calling in what did you experience when this happened this.

Morning I was asleep and I felt that that is exactly what we experienced here so then how long did that last or did it wake you up out of a sound sleep I ain't know what it was then it wake me and my neighbor up yeah and so we're people out walking around kind of trying to figure it out yes it is oh my goodness a lot of.

People seem to be outside kind of looking and check out the damage because you're thinking did a car crash did something happen Delaney let me ask you if you lived in Western New York for a long time have you ever experienced something like this before no oh my goodness yeah I think this was a first for a lot of us.

Yeah uh something that a lot of us would you know like I said I remember a couple times yeah I'm sorry what were you gonna say oh Delaney did we lose you yes yes so you've never experienced anything like this before no you know what honestly I was too because I just felt you know you feel kind of.

That like in your chest when you feel something like this and um you know but then as we started seeing that everybody else was feeling it too obviously it was a bigger thing than we thought maybe a car crash outside as we were saying well Delaney thank you so much for calling in we appreciate it if you have a call or you want to give us a call let us know.

What happened please do the number is 644-9840 you can see it right there on the bottom of your screen so give us a call and let us know what you felt where you were from Derby they felt it uh near the airport a lot of people felt into the airport they thought maybe a plane was really close to their house or something like that.

Um so that's uh and Lackawanna heard a really loud boom the house shook um just some really fascinating reports this morning Niagara Falls so it looks like the 3.8 magnitude earthquake near West Seneca this morning according to the U.S Geological Survey we actually had a the ability to zoom right in and you could see near Mineral Springs Road.

In Indian Church Road by Knox Park okay um that's uh where it looks like the earthquake occurred about uh three kilometers depth so so while our producers take a look at that on the map I want to bring in Sylvia from Cheektowaga who also could share her experience Sylvia good morning thanks for calling good morning.

Okay tell me what you experienced I was just getting up and all of a sudden I heard this loud boom it was almost like an explosion and I lived near the airport so you're walking through the plane crash or so I ran to the window and I saw nothing scared my cats the cat is still hiding and it's the faking wasn't so bad it was.

Just that unbelievable boom that crashing noise yeah yeah it really was now have you lived in Western New York a long time and have you ever experienced something like this nothing like this I've been here my whole life yeah and so all in Cheektowaga you were feeling it this morning did it shake your house yeah yeah yeah yeah it really it shook.

The building and you know I've got the desk in front of me so I had my hands down on it I actually felt the desk shaking and I think that's probably what scared me the most or kind of startled me the most because you realize it wasn't just a sound you felt the shake um Sylvia thank you so much for calling in we appreciate it okay thank you all.

Right very good you still have through it you're one of the few it seems like everybody was awake and they log they're logging right on you know to social media and letting us know what are my neighbors there's a lot of way to wake up right my neighbor Jeff thought a snowplow crashed into the house right looked out the window there was no snow.

So they were uh feeling it there and uh this one at uh from Mary the entire city uh shook we were uh in Riverside they were watching channel seven waiting for the grandkids bus to come and uh notice that Katie felt it too so yeah we felt it right along with it it was crazy let me read you this message that I just got from Brittany hi I was driving just past.

The 198 I felt my car not be able to stay straight for a few seconds her husband asked if she was okay or falling asleep I was fine but I was just confused I had no idea one of my friends called me a few minutes later that she felt it while she was driving okay and you also mentioned we have I'm sorry Jenna who is with us now.

Jenna hello okay Leslie is calling in from Buffalo right now hi Leslie good morning thanks for calling good morning how are you good good so tell me where are you what area are you and uh what did you feel I am near Canisius Collins and that's running through the house same thing we.

Thought the exact same thing yeah so what happened I was just a loud bang it's a very loud bang and um yeah I saw I saw it running to the house and I was like oh no the house is messed up right yeah that's like the biggest fear oh no.

Someone just hit my house right right and then other neighbors were outside and they were saying did you hear that right right yeah very similar experience here where we were all walking around the building you know where people could walk around the building were trying to figure it out have you lived in Buffalo for a long time yeah and have you.

Experienced something like this before never have you ever felt an earthquake here before no and when my neighbor's daughter called them she the water he said that picture fell off that wall oh my goodness but we knew it was something big yeah yeah absolutely because people were initially worried was there an explosion what what could.

Have happened that we were all feeling that so now we know it's a 3.8 magnitude earthquake that hit in the West Seneca area Leslie thank you so much for calling in we appreciate it thank you you have a good day yeah yeah and Colin share your story with us 644-9840 this is pretty fascinating Katie this is from the uh USGS website.

Okay you could see kind of where people have felt it okay so I'm gonna have our producers pull that up it's a USGS website there's an interactive map when you see it when you click on the Buffalo earthquake and just you know feeling it even up in the north towns as far away as Rochester toward Toronto even parts of the Southern Tierra though we did.

Yeah are getting some reports that people you know did not feel it further east and further south but certainly in the city yeah and certainly in the South Towns you felt the shake this morning yeah and you know there's a view it's pretty fascinating to uh to read through and follow if you want to uh look at that USGS site and you know once the.

Dust settles here we can get an update a lot on WKBW so our producers a lot of great info from our folks on social media and our producers are going to keep trying to find that it's a it's a map it almost has like a bullseye shape on it to our producer Jenna so if you do that when you click on the USGS site it'll show you an interactive map.

Things as 3.8 magnitude 2 kilometers east Northeast of West Seneca New York and then when you get that interactive map you can actually see where that epicenter is there it is and you zoom in a little bit you can see the center and then you have the ring so you know Aaron as we're hearing from the people who are closest.

To it they really felt it the most and then some people who are a little further away right fascinating you know thing to check out today I'm sure it's going to be oh sorry Janice got something for you yeah no I wanted Bernadine from Buffalo I just wanted to hear uh the name of the viewer that we have with us again Bernadine good.

Morning yes good morning um I live on Delaware Avenue and I live on the 17th floor of the Delaware Towers oh and I was actually up in my bathroom brushing my teeth and I thought the floor was going out from underneath me right it was a very large noises and my condo was shaking and I thought for sure I was going down.

Oh my goodness that is so scary what a place to experience something like that now are you from Western New York have you ever felt anything like this before minute no yeah that is I mean what a really scary thing to have happen absolutely so we want to thank you so much for calling in and sharing your story to everyone.

Who did that we are going to stay on top of this for you of course throughout the morning

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