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Donald Trump is taking selfies with mob bosses well when it comes to Donald Trump we have to admit he attracts a certain type of controversy that seems well unique to say the very least and it seems this time Trump is in hot water for taking pictures with a notorious mob boss.

As noted by the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning they share an affinity for golf and an aversion to cooperating Witnesses who flip to help Federal investigators but former president Donald Trump and former Philly mob boss Joseph skinny Joey Merlino don't have much to say about how they wound up in a photo.

Together at a South Florida golf course Trump posed for the photo with Merlino earlier this month at Trump International golf club West Palm Beach the two along with an unidentified Third Man flashed Trump's customary thumbs up hand signs and smiles while wearing golfing attire the report goes on to note that hephoto.

Obtained by The Enquirer is likely to renew concerns among Trump loyalist Seeker to help him retake the White House next year that he still lacks the sort of protective political infrastructure that would prevent a candidate for president from taking a picture with a convicted mobster whose last stint in federal prison ended in.

Mid-2020 to be really fair no candidate for any office can vet every single person who asks for a selfie or a photo while I have been very critical of Donald Trump as of late I always have to be fair as well president Trump takes countless photos with people.

That does not mean he knows every single person he comes in contact with a trump spokesperson explained to The Inquirer however this sort of stuff seems to happen all the time and at least points to an issue where Donald Trump's staff put him in a position to get in trouble time and time again in fact.

1945's very own Jack buckby has discussed Donald Trump and the question of his Staffing whoever is in charge of Team Trump is not just awful at their job but they are also causing real harm to the Trump campaign at a time when the former presidents supposed invincibility is being seriously called into question by both Republicans and Democrats alike.

If Republicans want Donald Trump not just to win the Republican primary but the 2024 election as well he'll need a better team and speech writers at the very least while this latest gaffe will likely come and go Donald Trump surely needs to think about what sort of people he has around him and try to make some better.

Decisions his self-inflicted wounds will surely be his undoing at some point Harry J cascianis at Grecian formula serves as president and CEO of Rogue State's project a bipartisan National Security Think Tank he has held senior positions at the center for the national interest the.

Heritage Foundation the Potomac foundation and many other think tanks and academic institutions focused on defense issues he served on the Russia task force for U.S presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz and in a similar task force in the John Hay initiative his ideas have been published in the New.

York Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal Newsweek CNN CNBC and many other outlets across the political Spectrum he holds a graduate degree in international relations from Harvard University and is the author of The Tau of A2 A.D a study of Chinese military modernization kaziani's also has a background in.

Defense journalism having served as editor-in-chief at the Diplomat and executive editor for the national interest

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