Breaking News This present day Elon Musk Goofs That He Can no longer Receive Rid Of Lifeless Unusual Twitter Name “Mr. Tweet”.


Welcome to USA 24 news today's breaking news Elon muskoops that he can't get rid of dumb new Twitter name the social media platform CEO adopts an attorney's mistake referring to him as Mr tweet as his Twitter handle now he claims he's stuck with it Elon Musk is trolling himself on Twitter claiming he's unable to change his.

Cringy new Twitter profile handle Mr tweet it was unclear why musk who purchased Twitter last year for 44 billion dollars and named himself CEO was unable to make the change Twitter users however have complained the last few months of the difficulty of changing a Twitter profile name musk's last Twitter name was Chief twit.

He changed it after a lawyer mistakenly referred to him as Mr tweet in a courtroom where a Tesla Investor's lawsuit is being heard the investors are suing musk after his misleading 2018 tweet saying that funding had been secured to take Tesla private roiled its stock value Nicholas porritt who is representing the.

Shareholders made the gaffe on Monday he referred to the mistake as a Freudian slip but musk who was testifying at the time quipped that it was probably an accurate description reported Business Insider and then changed his profile name changed my name to Mr Tweet now Twitter won't let me change it back musk tweeted.

On Wednesday still as Mr tweet he added a laughing emoji so he's apparently not upset about it The Verge reported in November that users who were verified under Twitter's pre-mus policy weren't able to change their display names on the app the change was reportedly aimed at safeguarding against impersonation amid.

Twitter's Tangled new verification system it was supposedly fixed at some point Twitter followers had some responding squawks to Mr tweet's tweet

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