Blinken warns Russia to stay ‘warfare of aggression’ in opposition to Ukraine at G20 | USA TODAY


I told the foreign minister, uh, what I and so many others saidlast week at the United Nations and what so many G 20 foreign ministerssaid today, end this war of aggression. Engage in meaningful diplomacy thatcan produce a just and durable peace. President Zelensky has put forward a 10point plan for a Justin durable peace. The United States stand ready to supportUkraine through diplomacy to end the war on this basis.President Putin, however, has demonstrated zerointerest in engaging, saying there's nothing to even talkabout, unless and until Ukraine accepts,.

And I quote, 'the newterritorial realities', while doubling down on hisbrutalization of Ukraine. Independent of what Russia does, weshowed here in Delhi what we will do, deliver results on the problemsmost affecting our people's lives.

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3 thoughts on “Blinken warns Russia to stay ‘warfare of aggression’ in opposition to Ukraine at G20 | USA TODAY

  1. Someday the American pleb will know the faulty truth about their government interference and terrorists actions, about how execrable Zelensky's dictatorship changed into and the draw Russia ended up this mess created by USA.

  2. USA did the same to Mexico, “peace will approach very best ought to you quit half your territory and derive the new territory truth:…” of direction its democracy when USA does it, Russia on the quite so a lot of hand, is a terrorist notify. Oh how long the day justice stumble upon “The usa”.

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