Biden says mass shootings occur ‘some distance too in most cases’ after MSU shooting | USA TODAY


It's a family's worst nightmare that'shappening far too often in this country. Far too often while wegather more information, there's one thing we do know to be true. We have to do someth ing to stop gunviolence, ripping apart our communities. Ripping apart. And today marks five years, five years to the day that 14students and three educators lost their lives in Parkland, Florida.I met every one of those families, spent time with them all. And uh,.

A lot of you here have to confrontviolence in your communities every single day. We took a big step toward passingthe most significant bipartisan gun legislation in 30 years. Ghost gunsand other things, background checks. But there's a lot more work to do and, uh, I'm committing to getting it donewith all of you. Some of you know, I that, uh, and I'm gonna saysomething is always controversial, but there is no rationale for assault weapons and magazinesthat hold 50 70 bullets.

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3 thoughts on “Biden says mass shootings occur ‘some distance too in most cases’ after MSU shooting | USA TODAY

  1. Many worldwide locations ( China,Rusia, Iran, N.Korea etc) are making an attempt to survey USA on this come …shootings, corruption, violence, divided, riots, racist disturbance, illness, financial system inflation and in pure disasters. It could well also be pleasure for them to survey USA in sorrow, misfortune and misery so I deem US voters wants to be united ,obey the legislation and have confidence God for energy and prosperity.

  2. So the fable among the many lefty anti gun socialist pigs are that 3 of us die from gun images is a mass execute and compile intensive media coverage, but when 5 students die from a knife its known as the Idaho Murders. Now no longer Idaho mass murders, real because it changed into done with a knife, So maintain your anti gun campaign and bewitch a eye at and make us all sitting ducks, fools.

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