Biden calls Putin’s suspension of palms take care of watch over treaty with U.S. a ‘immense mistake’


Tonight wrapping up his whirlwind trip in Ukraine and Poland President Biden responding forcefully to Russian President Vladimir Putin's dramatic announcement Russia will suspend participation in its last remaining Arms Control treaty with the U.S the pushback coming as President Biden held critical talks with key NATO allies.

From Eastern Europe who see Russia's aggression as a potential threat to their own security the president pledging full support we will defend literally every inch of NATO every inch of NATO Putin meanwhile in Moscow today President Putin rallying Russians around his war in Ukraine about to enter its second year with thousands chanting.

Russia when we are together we have no equal hours earlier top Putin official Dmitry mediatev escalating tensions saying if the U.S wants to defeat Russia we have the right to defend ourselves with any weapon including of the nuclear kind the White House in a statement to NBC News.

Calling the comment as unwarranted as it is irresponsible and tonight the focus turning to China Putin meeting with beijing's top Diplomat who pledged relations between the countries will get even stronger China already provides critical economic support to Russia the White House warning China may now be considering giving weapons.

All of it following those three days of high-stakes American diplomacy President Biden now traveling back to Washington after losing his footing briefly while boarding Air Force One tonight leaving behind a powerful message on the world stage Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia never the President's challenge now convincing.

An increasingly skeptical Ukraine and then Kristen on top of all this we're also learning that Russia recently tested an intercontinental ballistic missile Lester that's right two U.S officials tell NBC News Russia notified the U.S it was going to conduct that test which happened before the president's surprise.

Trip to Ukraine those officials believe it failed and was not a threat still it underscores the tense backdrop here thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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3 thoughts on “Biden calls Putin’s suspension of palms take care of watch over treaty with U.S. a ‘immense mistake’

  1. That's why Trump tore it up to start up with. Russia by no methodology honored the contemporary settlement and persevered to build up test and accumulate more developed nuclear weapons. Whereas Joe Inflation took off over 500 five hundred weapons off line of our nuclear arsenal land air and sea ICBM's.Once reelection in 2012 then we can disarm The US a ways more is what Bidens presidency instructed Putin. Can he be aware how to tie his shoe's?

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