Bank of The united states clients outraged, reporting money missing from accounts


A scary day for some Bank of America customers Wednesday they check their accounts and found their money gone I missed 1400 from my account and they're telling me that there is no way they can help us you made some money too there you go it was a nationwide issue I get a tax alert and it says my account is overdrawn One customer tweeted their.

Balance of negative two thousand dollars most complaints involve the payment transfer service Zell I did see that what was causing my negative balance was the that the Zell transfer that I had at one time seen in my account and had received notification it just disappeared I went to see my bank account and then I saw there's one.

Hundred dollars less Zell is owned by Bank of America and six other Banks it issued a statement saying we understand that a Zell Network financial institution may have experienced issues processing some of their customers Zell transactions which has now been resolved many customers tried to contact the Bank of America America customer service but.

Say they were unsuccessful the bank apologized on social media saying Zell transactions made between January 14th and January 17th may be delayed and occurring and posting to accounts transfers will appear in your account as soon as possible as of 3 pm Eastern they said the problem was resolved but did not give a reason for the disruptions.

It's not the first time Zell customers have had problems the app is facing a lawsuit with consumer Advocates and lawmakers citing increasing fraud a recent report claimed there were nearly two hundred thousand cases of fraudulent transactions on Zell between 2021 and 2022 involving more than 200 million dollars.

Some customers May face overdraft fees from yesterday's glitch there was no immediate word from Bank of America on how any fees will be handled Andrea Fuji ABC News New York

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