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A tragic plane crash in Arkansas five killed there this from the NTSB newsroom's Twitter account saying the NTSB is investigating today's crash of a beach b-200 airplane in Little Rock Arkansas we do have some video from the scene take a look at this this is what we know five employees of an environmental consulting firm died.

When a small airplane they were traveling and crashed near A Little Rock Factory today shortly after taking off the twin engine plane crashed outside of an industrial area in Little Rock just a couple miles south of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport and so the FAA said five people were on board the plane it Departed the Little Rock.

Airport and was headed to John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Ohio and so this is from The Firm c-t-e-h it's an environmental consulting firm based in North Little Rock they said the five people on board the plane including the pilot were its employees now this is an.

Interesting twist in this take a look at this remember we brought you this scene over this Metals manufacturing plant in Bedford Ohio a couple of days ago after that explosion well these five individuals from this environmental consulting firm were on their way responding to the scene this week that explosion there killed one worker.

And sent more than a dozen workers to the hospital so obviously this team is going to assess the environmental and ecological impact from that explosion there in Bedford Ohio just a couple of days ago at this Metals manufacturing plant and so that team responding to it taking off.

From Little Rock's airport in Arkansas to Bedford Ohio crashing moments after taking off killing all five people on board

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  1. How helpful. Comical how no one ever mentions the indisputable truth that there's a chip that is in most planes that is connected to the autopilot and fully hackable and permits folks folks to take over the airplane.

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