Alleged gang people approach at unique mega-detention heart in El Salvador


Hundreds of inmates Barefoot and stripped down to white shorts Scurry into El Salvador's new Mega prison ordered to crouch down on the ground one after another these alleged gang members are the first prisoners of the complex named the center for the confinement of terrorism with a highly produced speech to police.

Celebrating the massive prisons opening a Cornerstone of his war on gangs also tweeting they're not scary anymore are they the new complex capable of holding 40 000 inmates considered to be the largest of its kind in the Americas the president touring the facility fully equipped with armed guards and prison staff workshops for inmates to.

Manufacture Goods as well as dark isolation cells meant for solitary confinement and harsh punishment for quote anyone who tries to make any trouble with no mattresses to sleep on or even any visitors allowed buchella clearing a state of emergency last March as violence plagued the country with more.

Than 60 homicides reported in just one day top story has been following the story since then reporting on the mass arrests that followed as police hunted down alleged criminals they say they've arrested over 6 000 suspected gang members the emergency declaration meant to be temporary but extended several times suspended some constitutional.

Rights like arrest warrants and access to legal representation Human Rights Watch documenting the arrest of thousands which include children that led to then the Detention of 64 000 people including 1600 children what do you make of his use of social media to for the the publicity of this campaign is making enormous efforts to control.

The Narrative of what is happening in the country when he does that through social media despite the controversial show of force some say the crime Crackdown is working the president seeing the highest approval ratings of any other Latin American leader is El Salvador's National civil police reporting a sharp decline in homicides.

This February compared to years past while the violence has gone down some believe the cost may be too high we don't know if those who are being detained have committed a crime or are just there because they were tattooed and were in the wrong place at the wrong time all right Valerie Castro joins us now here in studio kind of interesting.

90 approval rating and yet people were still afraid to go on camera to talk about his presidency some people are questioning the timing of this opening of the mega prison because of an indictment that was unsealed here in the U.S that's right Human Rights Watch is saying this is a way for the president to distract from that indictment that.

Was unsealed last week against several alleged MS-13 gang members here in the United States it includes allegations that they were engaged in quote secret negotiations with government officials in El Salvador for things like reduced prison sentences and special treatment in exchange for reducing the number of public murders that would potentially.

Benefit the president's approval as you mentioned Tom but he has denied those allegations in the past okay Valerie cash for Valerie we appreciate that thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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