Air Pressure general predicts war with China by 2025


A four-star Air Force General is now predicting war with China he writes in a memo that Beijing will likely invade Taiwan while the U.S is distracted by the upcoming presidential election he says quote I hope I'm wrong my gut tells me we'll fight in 2025. let's bring in general Jack Keane now General Keane thank you very much for being here today.

Uh that's a that's that's a pretty big warning that he's putting out there uh saying that we'll be at war with China in two years telling the officers that He commands in this memo in which he made this prediction to get ready to prep by firing quote a clip at a Target and aim for the head do you agree with this prediction.

Well we don't know for sure whether this is imminent or not because it's subjective analysis to be sure and listen we're at peace relatively speaking and it's the duty of commanders to prepare their troops for war and I spoke in very direct blunt language like this General has in preparing my troops during peacetime for War as well this is.

An internal memo I'm not sure he thought it was going to be publicized but nonetheless that that's the motivation he has in doing it certainly in signaling an eventuality in a couple of years is what's gotten everybody's attention we don't know whether it's imminent or not I suspect it's not imminent but I don't think that's the.

Critical point the real issue is here is that we don't have an effective military deterrence in place and what am I talking about the Chinese have more ships more airplanes and more missiles than the United States has and at some point quantity has a qual quality all of its own they have a decided Advantage the second thing is we're trying to up.

Gun Taiwan Sandra and we've got a 19 billion dollar bat log in the equipment that they have requested and already paid for the Congress has got to fix this foreign military sales thing it is absolutely handicapping our ability to do what's right what we're trying to do here so I want us to understand is prevent a war that is what the intent is.

Here to do that let's get Taiwan up gun like we have finally done after the war started with Ukraine we can't do that once war starts because they're an island nation we'll never be able to get supplies into them secondly we've got to fix our own inadequacy in the region then when we do this objectively we can make some predictions.

Ourselves that we've got a deterrence again and therefore the likelihood of China taking on the United States and Taiwan it would be slim it would be diminished but that's not the case now we I think are in a critical Zone because we have this vulnerability of a lack of a military deterrence and it sounds like while you agree this is an.

Eventuality that you don't believe it's as imminent as this four-star Air Force General who's pinning that on the distraction that he says will be the United States presidential elections real quick final thought on if you believe Congress will follow through on what you are calling on Congress to do when this General laid out goals for.

Preparing he included building a fortified ready integrated and agile Joint Force maneuver team ready to fight and win inside the first island chain will Congress follows through on the demands you just said well first of all the executive branch has got to make that decision they control the Department of Defense and.

Listen he has background in the indo-pacific region his current command has nothing to do with the indo-specific other than he would support it with airplanes but he spent years in the region so you take his counsel he has an understanding of what our deficiencies are there to be sure and I'm thinking that's what's driving him to his to his.

Conclusions but we need the executive branch to step up and really thicken our defenses in that first island chain we need more shifts we need more airplanes we need more land forces that control and influence the major navigation routes in the region and as I said before we'd absolutely have to up gun Taiwan if we've learned anything from.

Ukraine we didn't deter Ukraine we didn't deter the Russians by having the proper amount of equipment in Ukraine as a matter of fact they saw it as an advantage and we've done commendable work obviously since that time and it's a major lesson yeah let's get the stuff into Taiwan now to prevent China from even thinking about taking.

This kind of action we hear the urgency from you General Jack Keane joining us now thank you very much General I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm aimsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis

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