Air Drive general predicts US conflict with China by 2025


Let's bring in retired four-star general Jack Keane former Army Vice chair of Staff chairman of the institute for the study of war and a Fox News senior strategic analyst General it's always great to have you on we hear a lot of talk about General Mike minnahan saying the U.S will be at war with China by 2025 defense secretary Lloyd Austin says.

No in your case General you don't think it's as much about timing as as how important it is having an effective military deterrence which right now we don't have Fair yeah that that's absolutely correct Trace I mean first of all um this gentleman was talking a very blunt direct language to his.

Subordinates and what we do in peace time and all the services is prepare for war and hopefully by doing so we're deterring war and that's what he was doing he was making certain his troops understood that war could be around the corner we've all said the very same thing to our troops at different levels of command during our tenure but what I.

Think is really going on here he just came out of the Pacific region he's very conversant with what is taking place there and the fact that we have lost our military deterrence it has eroded because in the 9 11 Wars and and budgets that don't meet the requirements and he sees that and knows that China does have a military Advantage right now more.

Ships more planes and certainly more missiles and he doesn't certainly want them to take advantage of that but it's possible they could it's not knowable what's going on in president xi's mind whether it's a year or two years or five years from now but what is knowable is that our military deterrence is not what it should be and I believe that is where.

The general is coming from because he knows that we're vulnerable and we have got to fix it so what's the remedy I mean that's the whole thing General what's the remedy to get stronger in the Pacific region if that's the necessity here and how long will it take is it a money issue is it is it something else it's partially money and but it's also a.

Commitment one we have to up gun Taiwan we've got a 19 billion dollar backlog of equipment going to Taiwan that they have paid for and the backlog is years the Congress has got to get into this and roll their sleeves up and fix the foreign military sales system with a sense of urgency and suddenly we have to do training with Taiwan in a way that.

Jennifer just mentioned we're doing with South Korea we don't do much of any of that with Taiwan we self-deter ourselves because we don't want to provoke the Chinese and second thing was you got to move our forces more forces into the region yes more planes yes more ships and more missiles we've got to deploy them and.

Make certain that China understands that there is an effective deterrent and the only way that's going to happen is their generals will look at it and say well the cost is too great for us to to start a war over Taiwan here with the United States because we don't know what the outcome will be that is the kind of answer we want I just quickly 15 seconds.

Here I want to put this on the screen this is from the Chinese foreign Ministry concerning Kevin McCarthy's upcoming trip he says China opposes any form of official interaction between its Taiwan region and countries having diplomatic ties with China we hope U.S lawmakers will abide by the one China principle what do you think of that very.

Quickly I mean they said kind of the same thing when Nancy Pelosi went we should visit Taiwan and and support them moral support political support that a political leader would provide but look at the secretary defense should go he does and the Secretary of State should go on his own trip he doesn't the chairman doesn't go the indo-pacific.

Commander doesn't go we self-deter ourselves from this because we don't want to provoke China we've got to stop cuddling this issue and make certain we're providing the support to Taiwan that they need yeah General great to see you thank you sir hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page.

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  1. There acquired’t be any warfare with the CCP…their invasion of the US is quite entire already. Our defense power are now no longer defending freedom, but now defend tyranny….so rude to their very have households! CRAZY…thanks all you brainwashed leftists…skills your slavery beneath communism.

  2. We maintain now to region more nuclear subs and airplane carriers in Eastern and Philippines' bases. Our strategy is to hit China quick and laborious with as many nuclear missiles decimating Beijing and Shanghai within minutes. No time to baste the chicken – its going to incinerate in a heartbeat.

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