Adani Rebuttal: Hindenburg Responds


Well, what is this all about?What have they said specifically about the rebuttals, so this is the rebuttalto the rebuttal. Yeah, it's it's a David Ingles.It is getting interesting. Yesterday night.Late night, the Adani Group has come out with a 413 Peter report, largely sayingthat any attack at this attack is lodged towards India and nationalism was thekey theme for Adani. And Adani also clearly said that it did.They questioned about the manifold intentions behind a Hindu End and WorldReport event. Adani has timed it FPL and today theysaid most of the questions had been dead.

In the public domain and some oddbeasts. No business allegations made byHindenburg deserts. But in the mining ended by God issuedanother rebuttal to any group saying that you can't just put a bloatednationalism to evade the questions raised by this 100 or would be justmy posted by Hindenburg research. And they also said most of the questionsat by content. Hindenburg was so just unanswered.And meanwhile, the only group to Air Force addressing to Indian investorsthrough various television channel in India is still an effort to fund theresumption of market cap and market will.

Open any time from now.So it's going to be interesting reading. It's interesting to watch how marketsreact to these early button and a rebuttal, rebuttal and stock marketreactions. RTS comments on the subject quickly.What is the mood? Because, I mean, if you read socialmedia, it's the vitriol directed towards Hindenburg.Research by some is using essentially nationalism.And, you know, this is one of the mainstays of the report is that theHindenburg is rebutted with here as well.And you know how it is dividing things.

Up and how is it affecting the way thatpeople look at corporate India. Now.Oh, that's an interesting question here in the one one of the key things was anarmy one saying that this Hindenburg desert is ill timed and that is actuallycounting on it. It is kind of insulting in the good oldstory. And what a Hindenburg is seeing that amovie don't die in a pool of those national news in front of us.But answer the questions. But largely sense said, you know, nowthey would be the global investors will be very keen to understand how India isreacting to this, because now there's a.

Moral responsibility will fall beforethe country also to clearly tell that tale of India's story.Otherwise, it can hurt the national sentiments because it's clearly Adanihas also said that this end in the search is challenging Indian judiciaryin India, India's regulatory framework. So now government will have to step inand clearly say that. What are the kinds of things they aregood towards the global investors. Otherwise,India has the Indian government has to step in and feel that they know thingsare in fact order and budget is around the corner.So it is very interesting how global.

Investors are watching the space and howthis field will shape up in these.

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  1. This Adani man is gradual the financial enhance for BJP, so action will be taken on him. As BJP AND RSS can attain their anti Christian propaganda and disfavor campaigns with his funding , nationalism is a hide. And one of the crucial most nations is supporting these hatemongers.

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