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– This is the US-made Abrams, one of the three types of Western style tanksthat Ukraine is expecting from its allies. And this is the T-72, the Soviet era tank that'sbeen used most frequently in the war so far. As The Wall Street Journal first reported, the US Senate's allieshave agreed to send tanks.

To Ukraine ahead of moreintense fighting in the spring. Abrams and German-madeLeopards are being sent to Kyiv in addition toUK made Challenger 2s. So as Ukraine says gettinga significant number of those weapons would be a game changer, here's how heavy vehiclesfrom the West match up to Russia's older, butmuch larger tank fleet. (weapon firing) First, let's look at why Ukraine argues.

That tanks are so important. – So the front lines of this war have been prettystatic in the last few months. A lot of the fightinghas been taking place along these vast plainsand on small hills, and that's the kind of terrain and landscape that allowsthe big military vehicles to operate pretty efficiently. – The two main types.

Of armored vehicles being used in Ukraine right now are main battle tanks and infantry fightingvehicles, also known as IFVs, tanks of heavy armor, bigguns and caterpillar treads. When tanks face eachother on the battlefield, military experts say they typically look for a weak point alongthe front line to try and break through anddestroy other heavy vehicles. IFVs, on the other hand,are smaller and lighter.

They have some of thecharacteristics of tanks but their main purpose istransporting infantry safely around the battlefield whilealso providing fire support with their smaller weapons. Prior to the invasion,Ukraine had significantly fewer armored fightingvehicles than Russia. – But now Kyiv's NATO allies are sending more modernmilitary vehicles to Ukraine. – Today I'm announcing.

That the United States willbe sending 31 Abram tanks to Ukraine, the equivalentof one Ukrainian battalion. – So how will Western Tanks help Ukrainian forces? – Well, for tanks, the most importantfactor is survivability. – Weapons expertsmeasure this by estimating how resistant the vehiclesare to anti-tank weapons, like the US-made Javelinor the Russian Kornet,.

As well as armor-piecingrounds fired by other tanks. Analysts say the Challenger2 and Abrams tanks, which were both used in the Iraq war, are some of the mostprotected tanks in the world. That's because they bothhave a composite armor called Chobham. It uses a combination of steel, ceramics and other materials to createparticularly resistant plates. Military analysts saythis protection gives them.

A major advantage over the T-72, over 500 of which havebeen destroyed so far in the Ukraine war. German-made Leopard tanks don't use that same armor technology but have other similar characteristics to the Abrams and Challenger 2, all three types ofadvanced computer systems and modern 120 millimeter guns.

Military analysts saythey're less vulnerable than the gun on the T-72,which hold this ammunition at the bottom of the turret. On the ground, the tanks,which are expensive, and fewer number will alsoget some extra support. – Other armored vehiclesare just as important and the US has also promised to deliver 50 M2 Bradleyfighting vehicles to Ukraine. – The Bradley has a number.

Of modern advantages,including thermal imaging quicker reload times, andan armor that's believed to be more resistant thanthe Russian equivalents. That includes the Soviet era BMP-2, which have been commonlyused in the war so far. Hundreds of these vehicleshave been destroyed in Ukraine according to themilitary tracking site Oryx, while the US says onlythree Bradleys were lost in the Iraq war.

(soldiers speaking in foreign language) But once Ukraine's forces get new tanks, using them effectively won't be easy. Many of these systemsuse different ammunition and require their ownmaintenance schedules. – It's still going to take a few months to set up the supplychains, the fuel lines and the trained crews needed for the Ukraine to takeadvantage of these weapons.

And the few amounts thathave been promised so far make it unlikely that it's going to impactthe war anytime soon. – Battlefield conditions could also reduce their effectiveness. The Western systems are heavier, meaning that they can be more limited when in boggy areas and crossing bridges. Although its fleet isaging and diminished,.

Moscow has hundreds moretanks in storage centers. Ukraine, on the other hand,says it needs 300 tanks to push back Russian forces, many more than the initial shipmentsexpected from the West.

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