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This is an ABC News special report good morning I'm with Johnson in New York we're coming on the air right now with breaking news a mass shooting following the end of a lunar New Year's Festival in Monterey Park California that's east of downtown Los Angeles at least nine people reported killed let's get right to ABC's Matt Rivers who is.

There on the scene Matt what can you tell us yeah this is very much an evolving situation so we want to tell our viewers at this point this is something that we're really trying to figure out more information about let me get out of the way here and show you a little bit of what we see here relatively calm here at.

The scene Monterey Park police in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in charge of the scene here as you said right off the bat with at least nine people reported killed after a shooting at a lunar New Year celebration here in town Witnesses saying that a man with some kind of gun walked into a business it's reported.

Here and managed to really shoot a lot of people in that situation we know that the public information officer that was here on scene came over to the media that's assembled here and said that they were going to try and go and get more information from the officers responding here come back over to us and give us more information but this is yet another.

Mass shooting here in America that we are trying to gather more information about very early moments here as we try and get some more information about exactly what happened here in Monterey Park California with Matt Rivers thank you again still a lot we don't know very few details on the suspect what sparked this shooting we will have a full wrap.

Up coming up on Good Morning America you can also get breaking news alerts on our ABC News app and abcnews.com for now I'm Wade Johnson in New York we'll send you back to regular programming this has been a special report from ABC News

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