4th UFO shot down by US militia in 9 days


This morning questions after more unidentified objects are discovered over U.S and Canadian airspace according to a senior Administration official this latest object was in the shape of an octagon unmanned and traveling near sensitive sites at an altitude of 20 000 feet posing a civilian Flight Risk first detected Saturday as it flew over.

Montana President Biden gave the order to shoot it down once it reappeared on radar out of an abundance of caution and at the recommendation of military leaders we have been more closely scrutinizing our airspace at these altitudes including enhancing our radar which may at least partly explain the increase in objects that we've detected.

Over the past week this latest air defense operation coming just 24 hours after another object was spotted over Canada U.S and Canadian officials ordering it shot down it represented a reasonable threat to civilian aircraft Canadian and American fighter jets were scrambled and an American 22 successfully shot down the object and.

That incident after another unidentified object was shot down off the coast of Alaska three incidents in less than a week since that Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the Carolina coast but a senior U.S official saying these three are different from that spy balloon none appear to have a payload and all are.

Smaller it doesn't mean that they are coming from another country it doesn't even mean that there are more of them we're just looking for them and so we're finding more of them an intensive search effort is now underway recovery teams in Alaska using Navy planes and helicopters to recover and analyze those objects they find Tanya watch Breaking News on.

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3 thoughts on “4th UFO shot down by US militia in 9 days

  1. one day I performed with some buddies. it became 04:30 within the morning. and we performed whereas observing for the clock to admire. we’re muslim. it became then that we noticed a indispensable ball of just a small reddish yellow spellbinding up from the bamboo thicket slowly except we couldn't admire it anymore. we're reasonably sure it became 4:30 within the morning. now no longer the slightest sound would perchance well very neatly be heard from it. to this yell day my buddies and I mute don't know what that component is. all we can procure obvious of is that it could now no longer be the solar or the moon

  2. I know for a truth it’s now no longer aliens because in repeat for them to attain our planet they’d bear to circulation nearly the identical flee of sunshine lol. If a missile came at them I’m sure they’d fly away sooner. These UFOs are both China or Russia lol it isn’t onerous

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