400,000 gentle without energy in Texas after iciness storm


Good evening and thank you for being with us the many brutal faces of winter 23 taking aim at the northeast tonight as we head toward a weekend that could bring some of the Region's coldest weather in decades it's been a tough week across the country especially in the South still suffering from Days of icy and deadly weather that crippled.

Travel and took down power lines the worst there now over but thousands remain in the dark and as that system turns to rain now in a growing flood threat across the South it is the jaw-dropping cold soon to grip the Northeast that has 56 million people from the Northern Plains to the Northeast under wind chill alerts.

Chicago could wake up to -20 wind chill tomorrow by Saturday Northeast cities including Boston and buffalo likely to see double-digit negative wind chills as well Al Roker will walk us through it in a moment but let's start with Morgan chesky in Texas Morgan Lester good evening and tonight that warmer weather can't come fast enough there are people.

Who have currently gone 48 hours without power stuck in these frigid conditions after a wild week of spin outs slides and slips the paralyzing ice is starting to thaw but the South isn't out of the woods just yet I spent around six or seven times if it wasn't for that curve I'd be completely off the bridge the freezing rain and thunder sleet.

Dissipating today but Havoc remains in its wake nah we slid on some black ice and almost gone to a bad accident and we were stuck in the ditch four days of icy roads have claimed at least eight lives across Arkansas and Texas and this close call in Oklahoma police dash cam capturing a big rig swerving across Lanes on I-40 while in Fort Worth a.

Jackknife truck crushing this police SUV sending two officers to a hospital at home people struggled to keep their footing definitely scary I can tell you that it's very slippery out here more than 400 000 customers are still without power across the South with Texas hardest hits the most vulnerable turning to warming shelters this is so many.

People that are down and out and have nowhere else to go guard Venegas is in eastern Arkansas although the ice is beginning to melt and the temperature is rising we still have large areas covered by it as you can see it's still quite thick and it takes just a small amount to cause an accident the skies are clearing but not in time for the more.

Than 700 flights canceled Nationwide today 500 alone in and out of Dallas Fort Worth and although happier days may be on the horizon a chilling prediction from Pennsylvania's most famous mammal meteorologist six more weeks of this wintry mess may be yet to come Morgan.

Chesky NBC News and here in the Northeast a deep freeze is setting in with some of the coldest weather in years Al Roker is tracking and how bad is it going to get well it is going to be bone chilling and dangerously cold for at least 24 hours 56 million people from The Dakotas all the way to New England and everywhere in.

Between looking at wind chill warnings and advisories Friday morning minus 45 that's what it's going to feel like in Duluth minus 20 in Chicago minus 10 in Detroit now here's what's going to happen the warmest temperatures are going to be early tomorrow morning and then watch them tumble during the day dropping down into single digits and.

Below zero temperatures the bottom drops out Saturday morning with overnight with morning lows it'll feel like minus 23 in Binghamton minus 4 in State College minus 29 in Boston but the good news Lester is as you'll see in the next several days by Monday low 30's to mid 40s with those temperatures warming up nicely all right Mel Roker thank you.

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