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There's a lot to unpack here a lot of people really alarmed by this wanting to find out more about what on what happened here so for more on this we want to go out now live to Greg Rogers who's joining us here on live now from Fox a former FBI agent Greg you have a lot of experience from the work that you've done this also includes narcotics.

What can you tell us just about this area in which this happened how dangerous is it it's an incredibly dangerous area Matamoras the city is controlled by the gulf drug cartel they're a particularly violent drug cartel they used to be known as the Matamoras cartel they began business there in the 30s and have.

Maintained Primacy there um for almost almost 100 years you know they're in their 93rd year of uh running that place it's uh the state's corrupt the law enforcement the military all um with the gulf drug cartel it's a very very dangerous place to go um their primary income is from heroin.

Methamphetamine cocaine and Fentanyl uh coming across the border but um they're also well known for kidnapping and extortion and it's one of their main businesses and specifically talking about the cartels there you hear cartels you know it's dangerous but as someone who has worked with this type of situation.

Before in terms of drugs and narcotics how can you explain the environment there what it's like and really just uh painting a picture for us of what that atmosphere is like say um matamotos when I say it's run by the drug cartel I mean it's they are um the primary power there they're not concerned about law enforcement most law.

Enforcements bought off they um they're not concerned about the military they've hired vastly most of their security guards come from the military they um they run the place it's uh it we don't have a situation like that thankful anywhere in the United States it's not like there just have some.

Influence they they own that place they run tamilipas they run matamotos and nothing happens there that uh uh that they don't have something to do with they're actually so Brazen that they do kidnappings uh in Brownsville and McAllen they they come across the border into the United States they um um yeah they're they're very powerful.

They're not the least bit concerned about law enforcement our law enforcement or theirs well in hearing that these four Americans it's been indicated that this may be a case of mistaken identity that this group was unintentionally targeted how does that happen I mean is this just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong.

Time I think that's unlikely um were that the case I think they'd already have been turned over to Mexican authorities uh sadly but um I think that's very unlikely what happens is unfortunately if you go into if you go into matamotos uh and other cities along the border that are run by other cartels.

And you have a um United States plate from any state on your vehicle uh you're a Target and um you just have to know that it's just a dangerous thing to do well and and being kidnapped in Mexico is obviously scary in itself the reports that are coming out of this are so troubling how do we get these four.

Americans home safely is this still a rescue mission yes it's a rescue mission because what's going to happen if they were kidnapped by the cartel they're going to uh what the cartels sort of modus operandi is is they ask for large amounts of money that most people and I mean multiple millions they.

Ask for money that most people don't have access to and can't come up with um and then if you can't do that they'll also demand that you assist them in getting narcotics into the United States um so it's it's a very very dangerous um situation and um we don't have unfortunately.

Um we have agents that work that area but it's uh it's very difficult to have sources in matamotos and it's very difficult to do um any proactive American law enforcement in those States because you can't rely on the your law enforcement Partners on the other side of the Border they'll someone will give.

You up well and speaking of money reward here the FBI is offering fifty thousand dollars for any information that can lead to locating these victims or helping to arrest the kidnappers do you think that's enough if we're talking Millions like you just said previously is fifty thousand dollars even close to to being enough to try to get some.

Information here no again tragically um if you live on that side of the border and you know something and you cooperate with American law enforcement um the golf cartel you're they will kill you.

In the region in which this happened is one of six Mexican states that the U.S department warns against travel for due to the increased risk of crime and kidnapping there and we just heard from in that in that last report that the four Americans that were there were going there for medical reasons uh obviously there have been some really.

Awful deadly stories to come out of these some trips that Americans have taken to Mexico but with this being so dangerous knowing that these four people were going for medical reasons to your knowledge is that a common thing to do especially knowing that this area is known for violent cartels drugs across the border for you know.

Pennies on the dollar literally but um in recent years I think our state department has done a pretty good job of uh advising people and people who live on the border um you know have um.

They know because they have Associates and friends and know people who've had difficulty for crossing so my take on that would be there's easier ways to get um medications and I'm not recommending anybody doing anything illegal but there's all sorts of online pharmacies you can get meds for cheaper.

Um you know but going into Mexico to save money on medications uh into into matamotos uh Juarez those types of cities is just a bad idea does I mean there's doesn't matter how much you're saving you're literally risking your life yeah what is your advice to people who are listening right now what should they.

Know about visiting Mexico is it just those areas or or just in general what do you think is important for them to know right now um I a very close attention to State Department guidelines about which states not to go to the states that they absolutely um.

But at the higher levels you should just stay out of that's um it's it's very dangerous you're targeted if you look like an American if you're driving a car with American plates you're just a Target there's no reason to go I mean it's um it's just too dangerous right now there are states that the again that different drug cartels run.

And um they it's bad for the life of me I I you just shouldn't go Greg thanks so much this has been a really informational interview here in a conversation we appreciate you joining us on live now from Fox my pleasure you have good.

Eating you as well thanks

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  1. The US Embassy , has sent out an warning now not to glide to alot of these places it's now not derive . I've heard for years mexico wasn't a correct place to jog attributable to us of color isn't admire and would be killed , hell the cartel and others were mentioned to beget execrable into Brownsville Texas and killed ranchers and introduced over their farms . The Dominican Republic is one more place that the embassy has ask of us of color now not glide to because it's now not derive and they discriminate in opposition to unlit skinned of us .

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