4.2 magnitude earthquake hits Southern California


Out of that early morning wake up call in Southern California 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit right around 2 A.M West Coast time NBC's Gotti Schwartz is live in L.A Gotti What's the latest there hey good morning Savannah yeah this earthquake hit right as most of us were fast asleep there were two back-to-back Quakes then two smaller Quakes the first.

One was at 4.2 off the coast of Malibu that struck around 2 A.M then the second one was a 3.4 right after that then a couple more over the next hour all prompting a whole lot of groggy angelinos to jump on Twitter as they normally do to see if anyone else felt it check how big they were all that happening while the LA County Fire.

Department launched into what they call earthquake mode here to assess whether there was any infrastructure damaged fortunately no injuries no damage just a lot of rattled nerves and a very good wake-up call that the bigger one could happen at any time so it's always good to have that earthquake bag packed and ready Savannah Gotti thank you very much.

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  1. The 400 yr earthquake is stirring issues up, on the ground and up above us,, San Diego landside its connected, Extra to attain wait on, and it’d be in California, Oregon & Washington,,,,,extra UFO tell than ever viewed sooner than, Unavoidable.

  2. Its called the fault line and shameful amounts of weight change.Be pleased man made lake ride up and down up and down all yr every yr then your soil will get very dry and now extremely wet of direction the land is unstable.

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