3 MINUTES AGO! USA Announced! ”Ukraine Russia War Might perhaps maybe maybe Final 3 Years!”


Remarkable statements came from theU.S regarding the Ukraine Russia War while the fears clashes between UkrainianArmy and Russian army continue especially indonesk and luhan's Christian new andimportant developments are taking place important statements came from the United Stateswhich provided great support to Ukraine in its war against Russia Colin cow under secretaryfor policy at the U.S Department of Defense thinks that the war in Ukraine maycontinue for two to three more years calling called made statements about the UkraineRussia War at the U.S Congress on February 28th Carl it's difficult to predict how long we willneed to support Ukraine through the war as we do not know the exact trajectory of the conflictthe conflict may end in six months or it may end.

In two or three years President Biden said thatwe will support Ukraine for as long as it takes Carl said that the support of the UnitedStates and other countries was important for Ukraine's victory the U.S Departmentof Defense said that the Russian army could achieve some successes but that these wouldnot be significant victories to reach all the actual news fast and reliable worldwideplease don't forget to follow and like us

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3 thoughts on “3 MINUTES AGO! USA Announced! ”Ukraine Russia War Might perhaps maybe maybe Final 3 Years!”

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