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Paris Hilton announces birth of secret baby Kim Kardashian and more celebrity friends react Trump insiders shocked to learn about his new electronic habit report the wholesome reason princess Charlotte won't face the same struggles as fellow spare Prince Harry Prince Harry should have been Williams.

Wingman instead of his Hitman says commentator this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Paris Hilton announced his birth of secret baby Kim Kardashian and more celebrity friends react Paris Hilton is officially a new mom the 41 year old socialite shared the good news on social media revealing that.

She welcomed her first child with husband carterium the couple are known for keeping their personal life private including the birth of their baby who arrived by a surrogate the heiress announced that her dream of becoming a mom had finally come true sharing a sweet photo of the baby's hand.

Clutching her thumb you are already loved beyond words Paris wrote adding a blue heart emoji fans of the businesswoman congratulated the couple including their celebrity friends and family members a baby congratulations so happy for you both Chrissy Teigen wrote while Lindsay Lohan.

Commented congratulations alongside heart emojis so happy for you guys Kim Kardashian wrote to which Paris commented that she is so in love with her Lil Angel Kris Jenner also congratulated Paris and wrote what a blessing we love you.

Congratulations to you both biggest blessing Naomi Campbell added while Demi Lovato wrote congratulations sis Ashley Tisdale Olivia Culpo Sophie Richie Ashley Benson and Nina Dobrev also shared some sweet words congratulating the couple for expanding their family it's always been my dream to be a mother.

And I'm so happy that Carter and I found each other we are so excited to start our family together and our hearts are exploding with love for our baby boy Paris previously revealed to people opening up about their IVF Journey we knew we wanted to start a family she said.

And I was like this is perfect timing usually I'm on a plane 250 days out of the year and let's just get all of the eggs stocked and ready and we have tons of them just waiting Trump insiders shocked to learn about his new electronic habit report Donald Trump famously refuses to communicate by text or email which his.

Advisors have said probably kept him out of legal trouble but that began to change recently friends confidants and even some who aren't especially close to him started receiving text messages from the former president starting around the beginning of this year and those who've been on the receiving end of his criticism for.

Leaving a written trail of his Communications reacted with surprise reported the New York Times those who have witnessed firsthand his visceral aversion to record-keeping said they were shocked to learn about his new electronic habit wrote reporters Jonathan Swann and Maggie Haberman has he now also started to take notes.

Said John Bolton his former National Security adviser when told of Trump's texting Trump has long prided himself on being smart for avoiding documentation of his meetings and he once yelled at Bolton for taking notes during a discussion and has snatched away notes after spotting a junior legal associate jotting them down.

During a meeting in the 1990s I've had a lot of great lawyers like Roy Cohn Trump said according to former White House counsel Donald McGann he did not take notes the text messages sent from his cell phone have mostly been innocuous according to recipients who got New Year greetings political observations or.

Other missives from Trump however some Associates expressed concern about what he might say in those texts but they're relieved that his phone now sends calls from numbers that aren't in his contacts straight to voicemail according to two sources that change was prompted by Trump accepting a call from an NBC reporter.

Who had called him during house Speaker Kevin McCarthy's protracted election bid earlier this month the wholesome reason princess Charlotte won't face the same struggles as fellow spare Prince Harry it has been suggested by Royal experts that thanks to Prince William and Kate Middleton princess Charlotte won't face.

The same struggles as her fellow spare Prince Harry who also grew up as the younger sibling to the heir to the throne Prince Harry's autobiography spare has shocked readers over the past few weeks in the book The Royal details the struggles he faced growing up as the spare to his elder brother Prince.

William in other Royal news princess Margaret's look-alike granddaughter Sweet Link to the grandmother she never met ing from the mistakes of his childhood and how he was raised differently from his brother Prince William has ensured that his parenting encourages his daughter princess Charlotte to not think.

Of herself as a spare William and Catherine have achieved this by ensuring that their children view themselves as ordinary children as well as Royals Katie Nichol said on the Royal podcast Dynasty George Charlotte and Lewis are enjoying a childhood Harry and William didn't get to enjoy and I think that is.

Why William and Kate are channeling everything they can into raising their children with an understanding of who they are as Royals but as ordinary children too the commentator added no one wants the Next Generation to suffer as Harry has suffered it's not a pretty picture the expert then reflected on how the.

Prince and princess are raising their children in a regular fashion away from the spotlight Katie said I think when you look to the cambridges and how they are raising their children away from the spotlight in pretty ordinary schools in a regular Cottage on the grounds of Windsor having bucket and Spade holidays and teaching.

Them to sail on the broads in Norfolk however the expert added reading spare if they do I think at points it will be deeply uncomfortable for them it does open up the question of the next spare a princess Charlotte however she said I'm sure William and Kate have got that all worked out in other interviews Prince Harry has.

Highlighted his concern for princess Charlotte and Prince Louis who are spares rather than heirs just like him in an interview with the telegraph Prince Harry said if I see wrongdoing and a pattern of behavior that is harming people I will do everything I can to try and change it as I know full well within my family if.

It's not us said Prince Harry as he pointed at himself it's going to be someone else and a William and I have talked about it once or twice and he has made it very clear to me that his kids are not my responsibility I still feel a responsibility knowing that out of those three children at least one will end up.

Like me the spare and that hurts that worries me Prince Harry should have been William's wingman instead of his Hitman says commentator Prince Harry made many shocking revelations during his tell-all interviews and in his book spare the public learned things about Prince.

William Kate Middleton and other royal family members that we thought we would never hear a royal commentator says Harry should have remained loyal to his brother and acted as his wingman instead of a hitman here's his analysis of the situation Prince Harry has mentioned on a few occasions that he's open to reconciling.

With the Royal Family however he says there are conversations that need to take place before that can happen Royal commentator Charles Ray doesn't believe reconciliation is likely to take place anytime soon however he says there could be a chance for the family to reconcile later.

I do not think there is any chance in the short term of any reconciliation between the sussexes and the rest of the family says Rey on behalf of spin Genie so many accusations by Harry and Megan have been made but lots of families have fallouts and in many cases there have been reconciliation sometimes years later.

They say time is a great healer and it could happen sometime down the line Ray says in order for the family to repair the damage apologies will have to be made I do think any reconciliation would have to involve a lot of apologies particularly from Harry and Megan says Ray I do not believe that Charles.

Camilla William and Catherine have anything to apologize for as I believe that Harry's version of events in his book spare is largely distorted by him it is also difficult to repair the relationship when you have taken part in a Netflix series bashing the Royal Family Rey Compares Harry to a hitman.

He says the Duke of Sussex should have been more supportive of his brother instead of speaking negatively about him during his interviews and in his book Princess Diana would be appalled at the way things have turned out says Rey however I doubt very much that she would have allowed it to get to this level of bitterness if she was alive particularly.

Between her sons she always tried to ensure that both boys were treated fairly she would never allow other members of the family to show favoritism to William as the heir to the detriment of despair Rey continues Harry from a very young age always knew he would never be king but Diana had hoped that Harry would be.

In a unique position to support his brother when he is King but unfortunately Harry who should have been Williams wingman has turned into his Hitman Ray says this has probably been a tough time for William the brothers used to have a close relationship but they seem to have.

Drifted apart in recent years I think it has been and still is very difficult for William in particular to speak out not just about the particular accusations against the Prince of Wales but for the very fact that both William and Harry were so close says Rey I also believe William feels very betrayed by his younger brother who may well Harbor.

The same feelings of betrayal by his older brother

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