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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle May temporarily make peace with Royals ahead of Coronation Source says Duke and Duchess of sussex's former Nanny Prince Harry is a gem Ivana trumps will reveal surprise beneficiary of Miami condo Trump likely to face trial one year after indictment Kushner predicts.

Turkey Finland and Sweden strategic patients but with a deadline this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Prince Harry and Meghan Markle May temporarily make peace with Royals ahead of Coronation Source says despite possibly being left off the balcony coronation celebration guest list one UK journalist has faith that.

Prince Harry and his estranged family could come to some sort of temporary truce in the interest of King Charles's upcoming coronation I suspect that there are some efforts going on to try and make some form of reconciliation Royal expert Jonathan Sasser Doty told US Weekly I think because they don't want to have.

Family tensions to upstage what's going on on that very important day Sasser Doty isn't the first person to publicly share their concerns regarding the possibility of an upstage should the Duke and Duchess do attend several Royal experts have come forward suggesting it would be unwise of the couple to take part in Coronation.

Weekend and have issued a cold welcome warning their argument is that the couple's presence could have a negative impact on Charles's coronation and its significance especially given the events leading up to the release of Harry's Memoir spare whether or not that's possible is one.

Thing and whether or not it's lasting is another thing Sasser Doty said of the potential reconciliation since Netflix released volume two of its dokuseries Harry and Megan the sussex's invitation to King Charles's coronation has been a hot topic of conversation from will they be invited to if they are invited will they even show up to maybe.

A partial invitation if an invite does make its way to Montecito Harry has made it very clear that an appearance by he or Megan will not be made unless a visit with his majesty and the prince of Wales is arranged well in advance in blatant terms the couple wants an apology from the royal family as well as.

The institution itself however it takes two to tango Sasser Dodi raised an interesting point that Buckingham Palace may be expecting their own apology I think Harry and Megan have said they're expecting an apology but I think there aren't many people who agree that it's due that way round Sasser Doty said.

Some of the individuals within a spare and the king the queen and the prince of Wales all come out of that book so badly they're so broadly criticized by Harry so nastily criticized in sections that I think they could be feeling very sore about this the palace has yet to publicly comment on the Harry and Megan Netflix docu.

Series or on spare which Sasser Doty claimed could be a strategic Ploy on their part on behalf of Britain and its people Duke and Duchess of sussex's former Nanny Prince Harry is a gem Prince Harry hugged to his son's future Nanny when she arrived for a job interview.

Lauren cumalo worked for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shortly after their first child Archie was born in May 2019 and she recalled being stunned by what a gem the 38 year old Prince was when it came to putting her at her ease when they first met to discuss the position the zimbabwean-born nurse sold how she asked Harry's Protection Officer if she.

Needed to curtsy before she went in for her interview she continued and he just looked at me and laughed and he said you'll see Prince Harry is amazing when I got there the way he opened his arms hello Lauren and gave me a hug related video Harry drops another bombshell this story about him and William is a lie all VIP.

I thought wow what a gentleman what a gem oh my goodness I couldn't believe it and when I walked in and saw Megan I thought my God what a beautiful woman I just felt so comfortable it wasn't so formal as I expected it to be it was just a normal home ahead of her interview Lauren agonized over what to wear after seeing photos of.

The Prince and Princess of Wales Nanny Maria baralo in her distinctive Norland uniform of beige crested dress Thai felt hat and loafers speaking on The Breakfast Club with zenzion Debbie she said I thought to myself I wonder how their nannies look do they wear heels Prince William has got a Norland nanny.

So they've got a brown uniform that for my skin color and the way it looks in khaki Brown I knew it wouldn't even go it would just not work she eventually settled on a smart outfit and kitten heels to look presentable for a royal she added but I didn't use any makeup I said if they take me they take me as I.

Am I wasn't born with a silver spoon I'm not blue blood I will go as I am and trust me with my God I'll get this job Ivana trumps will reveal surprise beneficiary of Miami condo Miami Florida Ivana Trump who died last July after a fall from her staircase at her New York townhouse reportedly made.

An unexpected Choice when it came to the question of whom to leave her Miami beach condo to according to details of her will seen by Business Insider the 73-year-old passed the one million dollar apartment at Murano at Portofino to Susanna Curry former Nanny to her three children Donald Jr Ivanka and Eric.

In later years Curry who was also given ivana's beloved Yorkshire Terrier tiger became ivana's personal assistant and confidante if Curry who reportedly has an address in Queens New York decides to move to Miami Beach the living will be pretty good at the Murano pad the 1000 square footer last purchased.

For 635 thousand dollars in 2009 is worth more than one million dollars now and the building's perks are up there is the stunning water View at the 37-story resort style residence but also amenities that include a saltwater pool Gardens gym and valet Ivana Trump leaves nothing to ex-husband Donald Curry could also kinda be neighbors with.

Her former charge Ivanka the one-time White House advisor lives about four miles north from her late mom's condo at a luxury rental though an Insider told the Miami Herald that the kushner's lease is up so the family will likely have to finally DeCamp to the mega mansion they've been building for months.

The rest of ivana's 34 million dollar estate which included Jewels Furs and two places in Saint Tropez was divided among her family and close friends as for ivana's first husband Donald Trump the former president was not left any of his ex's worldly possessions although her body rests at a small grave site near the clubhouse at the Trump.

National Golf Club in Bedminster New Jersey Trump likely to face trial one year after indictment Kushner predicts former president Donald Trump could face trial within a one year from the time he is indicted if charges are brought against him in the Georgia election probe former Federal prosecutor Glenn.

Kirschner predicted Trump and some of his allies are being investigated for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia if I had to guess once the indictments are returned and Donald Trump is presented in court on that indictment and he is arraigned and read the charges.

That the grand jury has leveled against him we'll probably see a trial date set somewhere between six months to a year down the road but the defense attorney will forever try to file motions to continue to push it further and further down the road kirschner said Wednesday during an interview on the legal breakdown.

I think one year from the time the indictment drops is a good rule of thumb as to when we're likely to see a trial kirschner's remarks came after Fulton County district attorney Fannie Willis on Tuesday urged Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney to keep secret the findings of a special grand jury that spent months looking into evidence to.

Determine whether Trump and his allies tried to overturn the 2020 election Willis asked the judge to be wary of protecting future defendants rights with regard to the ongoing criminal probe she said that a decision on potential criminal charges is imminent but didn't mention names we want to make sure that everyone is.

Treated fairly and we think for future defendants to be treated fairly it is not appropriate at this time to have this report released Willis said McBurney ultimately agreed to keep the report secret until a decision is made on whether to file charges the findings are likely to include recommendations about criminal charges.

Explaining when a trial date might be set for Trump if he is indicted Kushner said on Wednesday that timeline is always challenging in a criminal case here is the rule of thumb prosecutors always want to go to trial yesterday and defense attorneys always want to go to trial tomorrow he said while prosecutors want to strike while.

The iron is hot while memories of Witnesses are fresh and before evidence begins to go missing or there are other challenges that prosecutors encounter as sort of time draws on defense attorneys want to push trials out as far into the future as possible why they want witness memories to fade.

They want evidence to go missing they want people to become unavailable the special grand jury spent about seven months hearing evidence and witness testimony but Willis will be the one deciding if anyone should be charged the jury heard from Witnesses who are Trump allies including attorney Rudy Giuliani and Senator Lindsey Graham of.

South Carolina the Georgia election probe was launched to determine whether Trump committed a crime during his January 2021 phone call with Georgia's Secretary of State Brad raffensberger in which the former president asked him to find the 11 780 votes needed to beat Joe Biden in the state.

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