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George Santos admits personal loans to campaign were not from personal funds Kim Kardashian obtains temporary restraining order he is a good friend new clip captures Ted Cruz falling flat with blatant contradictions in just 30 seconds Jill Biden's inaugural where to go on display at Smithsonian.

Princess Diana's perfect wedding curtsy shared online can't teach it this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington George Santos admits personal loans to campaign were not from personal funds in a new twist to one of the most bizarre American political scandals in decades the New York Republican.

Congressman George Santos appeared to admit on Tuesday that more than six hundred thousand dollars in loans to his campaign did not come from personal funds as was originally claimed but new campaign Finance filings first reported by The Daily Beast did not shed light on where the funds actually came from.

One expert said he had never been this confused by a campaign Finance form Santos 34 won election to Congress last year in New York's Third District which covers parts of Long Island and queens but he swiftly came under pressure over a resume which has been shown to be largely made up local state federal and international investigations and.

Increasingly picaresque allegations and Revelations including an alleged past as a drag queen in Brazil Republican house leaders have stood by him however not least because he supported Kevin McCarthy through 15 rounds of voting for speaker earlier this month a process which installed the Californian atop a slim GOP majority.

Pray to hard right Rebels last week Santos was installed on two house committees as well as joining New York Republicans in calling for Santos to quit Democrats have demanded investigation of Santos's campaign Finance filings this week the sovik continued at a familiar pitch as Santos complained.

About impersonations on late night TV a sure sign of fame or infamy in the American Public Square I have now been enshrined in late night TV history with all these impersonations the congressman tweeted on Monday but they are all terrible so far John Levitz is supposed to be one of the greatest comedians of all time and that.

Was embarrassing for him not me these comedians need to step their game up lovetts who impersonated Santos on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon responded thanks the review and advice you're right I do need to step my game up my pathological liar character can't.

Hold a candle to you it was also reported on Monday that Santos once claimed to be the target of an assassination attempt and that in a 2020 interview he claimed to have met Jeffrey Epstein while suggesting the financier and sex offender did not kill himself in jail but was murdered or even alive.

On Tuesday Morning Santos promised a surprise to reporters staking out his office in Congress then served them coffee and donuts later the Beast reported on weightier matters spotting that on new campaign Finance filings a 500 000 loan was no longer listed as personal funds of the candidate as was another for one hundred.

And twenty five thousand dollars the Beast said no indication was given as to where the loans actually came from amid questions about his apparent wealth Santos has been linked to a Russian oligarch it has also been reported that he was once hired by a florida-based investment firm that was accused by the Securities.

And Exchange Commission of being a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme Santos previously told a New York radio host the loans worth the money I paid myself to his company the devalder organization Santos's activities under the name Anthony devalder are also the subject of intense scrutiny.

He has admitted embellishing his resume but denied wrongdoing he has said he will not resign speaking to the New York Times a lawyer for Santos Joe Murray said it would be inappropriate to comment on the new filings because of pending investigations Jordan libowitz a spokesman for Citizens.

For responsibility and ethics in Washington or crew a watchdog group told the times I have never been this confused looking at a Federal Election Commission filing Brendan Fisher Deputy executive director of documented another Watchdog told the Beast I don't know what they think they are doing.

Santa's campaign might have unchecked the personal funds of candidate box but it is still reporting that the five hundred thousand dollars came from Santos himself if the loan from candidate didn't actually come from the candidate then Santos should come clean and disclose where the money really came from.

Santos can't uncheck a box and make his legal problems go away Kim Kardashian obtains temporary restraining order Kim Kardashian has obtained a temporary restraining order about a man who referred to her as his wife the Kardashian star has allegedly been subjected to unwanted attention from.

Germany Victor Ziegler and claimed in court documents he had made multiple visits to her home over the last month only to be stopped by security and posting explicit messages about her online according to the paperwork which was filed by Kim's lawyer Sean Hawley and obtained by TMZ Kim also claimed the man.

Had sent items to her room including a diamond ring and keys to a hotel room the 42-year-old Beauty says the man's actions have caused emotional distress and noted that he has a criminal history which includes threats and firearms a judge signed off on the restraining order which will be in place until a full hearing on the matter takes place.

Next month just a month ago Kim was granted another restraining order against a man allegedly convinced he has been communicating with her telepathically Andre Prasad was told he cannot contact the schemes founder and must remain at least 100 yards away from the reality star after he went to her home at least.

Three times in August Kim claims to have never met the man and was concerned he would become violent after he allegedly claimed to have been armed according to the site Prasad is also said to have posted about the reality star on social media the restraining order ads Prasad must not own or possess a gun and must.

Surrender to authorities any Firearms he may already own Ziggler isn't the first person to send Kim who has four children with ex-husband Kanye West an unwanted diamond ring in 2021 Nicolas Costanza was detained by security at her gated Hidden Hills Community after sending her the jewelry.

And a morning after pill and arrested for trespassing and violating his five-year permanent restraining order he is a good friend new clip captures Ted Cruz falling flat with blatant contradictions in just 30 seconds Senator Ted Cruz Republican Texas latest remarks highlighted his double standard regarding President Joe Biden and former.

Vice president Mike Pence although both have been found to have classified documents in either their private homes or offices Cruz only believes one of them should be investigated Biden on Tuesday January 24th Cruz appeared on Fox Business with host Larry Kudlow where he shared his opinion of the.

Classified documents reports at one point during the segment the Texas Senator called for an investigation into Biden saying the FBI needs to search the University of Delaware archives and they need to search Hunter Biden's home and business address Kudlow then asked Cruz about the reports.

Of classified documents being found at Pence's home in Indiana the Republican senator was far less concerned about those documents Oh look The Mike Pence story it's still early Cruz said he is a good friend and a good man he's explained where these came from the remarks on both situations were made.

Within 30 seconds and now the clip is circulating on social media as Twitter users criticize the double standards one Twitter user tweeted it's like hypocrisy punches him Square in the face and Ted simply responds with thank you sir may I have some more another user tweeted it's always okay or just a mishap when it's a republican who.

Gets caught with their pants down yep well it's still early days what's good for the goose is good for the gander Pence will also have to answer for his papers as well the rule of it's okay when our guy does it is revered on both sides another user tweeted.

Unfortunately members of each side only notice it when the other side does it democrats should be outraged that their top guy threw a wrench in the Mal docs case instead of pretending it doesn't matter

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