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Trump and Biden teams both jump on Pence disclosure as a classified document's defense Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share never before seen wedding and pregnancy pictures in documentary trailer seven-year-old boy killed and mother injured by pack of dogs in Idaho Prince Harry says he thought Princess.

Diana went into hiding after her death how Lisa Marie Presley's feelings toward Michael Jackson evolved after he died this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Trump and Biden teams both jump on Pence disclosure as a classified document's defense advisors to former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden jumped on.

News of classified documents being found in former vice president Mike Pence's Indiana home with both viewing it as a helpful defense in their own documents investigations Biden's team continues to draw a distinction between him and Trump when it comes to their handling of classified documents and the parallels between the.

Pence and Biden cases have served to sharpen that argument in the initial Fallout but sources familiar with both cases acknowledge Tuesday New Revelations about sensitive materials found at Pence's home helped their cause on one hand Trump's legal team views the news of classified documents found at.

Pence's home as a positive development for the former president believing the discovery coupled with Biden's own ongoing special counsel investigation related to his handling of classified documents changes the Dynamics of the Justice Department's investigation into the former president according to a source familiar with the matter.

While the circumstances are different in each case members of Trump's legal team believe these developments will make it harder for prosecutors to justify bringing criminal charges against any of them the source said meanwhile Biden officials were relieved by the news according to sources who told CNN that the Pence news turns down.

The temperature on this being a Biden only story another source familiar with the investigation likened the steps Pence took upon the discovery of classified documents to those taken by Biden Pence turned over about a dozen documents marked classified to the FBI shortly after discovering them.

When Biden's team found classified documents at his Washington DC Think Tank office in November they immediately notified the National Archives which in turn notified the justice department though the discovery was not publicly disclosed for weeks it appears Pence has followed a very similar initial process to Biden in.

Terms of a voluntary review of materials and prompt disclosure to the proper authorities when they were found all of which were made public by a media report The Source said the FBI searched Biden's home only recently months after the first classified material was found Biden's team discovered documents in.

Multiple locations between November and January but Trump allies also embraced the Pence news and believe it further blurs the lines between the three cases they are all now linked in a way the source familiar with the thinking of Trump's legal team said referring to Pence Biden and Trump.

Trump's team also believes the Biden and Pence Revelations support their argument that this should not treated as a criminal matter but rather as an administrative review of the White House's process for handling classified material overseen by the office of the Director of National Intelligence The Source said.

The special counsel investigation into Trump's handling of classified documents also is looking at possible obstruction of justice meanwhile the justice department has launched a review of the Pence documents and how they ended up in his house in Indiana Trump reacted to the Pence document's.

Discovery on Tuesday writing on Truth social Mike Pence is an innocent man he never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life leave him alone for Biden Administration officials and allies who have been under siege the past few weeks through multiple disclosures of classified documents.

Found at Biden's private office in Washington D.C and subsequently his house in Wilmington Delaware the Pence headline was welcome news and even quietly celebrated as one senior Administration official put it it turns down the temperature on this being a Biden only story one hope this official said was that the.

Discovery of classified documents at Pence's home would help to underscore that Biden AIDS were clearly not alone in making the mistake of packing up classified documents that should have been turned over to the National Archives another hope the development could be used by the White House to try to.

Emphasize that what's most important is how the situation was handled once the classified documents were discovered and continued to draw the distinction between the Biden legal team's handling of the matter compared to the actions of trump and his allies the White House largely deflected questions on the Pence news Tuesday.

The decision not to engage publicly on the Discovery was in part tied to the White House's long-standing effort not to engage in ongoing reviews and investigations one official said pointing to the need to maintain consistency on that posture but there was also a view that there was more value in letting the Pence.

Development stand on its own a much different tactic than the deliberate contrast with Trump's case but it's one that underscores the careful navigation of what one official acknowledged was a helpful example of another former vice president dealing with issues that appeared to stem from the transition out of office who.

Publicly stated no awareness that classified documents were in his possession left unsaid was the clear value in the fact that the former vice president served in a republican Administration beyond that the official added we'll let you guys draw the conclusions about what this all means.

That didn't mean officials weren't paying close attention to the developments throughout the day an effort that included keeping a close eye on Republican responses to the Pence news on Capitol Hill with a particular interest in Republicans who have led or pledged inquiries into Biden Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share.

Never before seen wedding and pregnancy pictures in documentary trailer Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's documentary trailer for Netflix released yesterday did more than just tease what they have to say about their time as working senior royal family members and all the drama they endured it also showcased never before seen.

Personal photos of the couple including during two Milestone events their wedding and Megan's pregnancies with their children a montage of black and white photos provided by the couple appeared in the trailer here's the new shot from their wedding that briefly flashed on screen.

And here's the new look at Megan when she was expecting it's unclear whether the photo was from her pregnancy with their first child Archie or their second Lily but the documentary itself should reveal that when it comes out soon you can watch the trailer in full above Megan revealed to the cut that the.

Documentary would be sharing more details about her relationship with Harry she spoke to variety about how it felt letting director Liz garbass and her team tell their story it's nice to be able to trust someone with our story a seasoned director whose work I've long admired even if it means.

It may not be the way we would have told it but that's not why we're telling it Megan said we're trusting our story to someone else and that means it will go through their lens it's interesting she continued my husband has never worked in this.

Industry before me having worked on suits it's so amazing to be around so much Creative Energy and to see how people work together and share their own points of view that's been really fun seven-year-old boy killed and mother injured by pack of dogs in Idaho.

A seven-year-old boy has tragically died after being attacked by a pack of dogs at his Idaho home the boy's mother also sustained serious injuries in the incident which took place on Saturday evening in Fort Hall the show somatic tribes confirmed in a statement Monday show some Bannock tribes added that all.

Four dogs involved in the incident had since been put down Fort Hall is a census designated place that lies on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation according to the statement Fort Hall police responded to a report of a young boy who had been attacked by multiple dogs and was unconscious.

The boy seven-year-old Kellen and his mother Emily Islas were then taken to the portneuf medical center tragically Kellen was later pronounced dead according to a GoFundMe page organized by Isla's friend Samantha lynnae the family lives in an RV on the property of another family's home to.

Whom the four dogs belonged Kellen had gone outside of the RV and after a few minutes his mother found him lying face down with the dogs mauling him the showband news reported she was also severely injured after trying to fight off the dogs and eventually laid on top of her son to protect him out of the outlet.

The four dogs involved in the attack two of which were Rottweilers the other two mixed breeds according to the statement were put down by tribal authorities in compliance with the area's Animal Control Ordinance related Brooklyn Corrie shares before and after photos of her smile since dog attack before I had a lot of teeth to.

Show the owners of the dogs have also been cited for 15 violations of the tribe's animal ordinance including vicious animal attack rabies vaccination and over the limit of canine or feline Pets the shoshonebanic tribes added this is a tragic situation for the family and my heart goes out to them.

Bannock County coroner Tory Danner told the Idaho State Journal to lose a child is every parent's worst nightmare this situation is very difficult to understand and my thoughts and prayers are with them in this tough time Islas remains in the ICU with sustained nerve damage and a ruptured artery in.

Her right arm as well as damage to the back of her head left arm and her back the GoFundMe stated Tuesday she did everything in her power to protect Kellen from that attack she's an amazing woman and mother and sacrificed herself to try and save her little boy added its organizer Lanae no mother should ever have to go through.

This she continued it absolutely breaks my heart that this tragedy has happened I know this won't heal the hurt but at least it can help

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