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Biden's documents Scandal is now DC's hottest guessing game who's sabotaging the president details of Trump's attempt to overturn defeat in Georgia could be released Prince Charles was questioned in Princess Diana's death over an eerie note she left New Mexico candidate charged in shooting.

Case denied Bond New Mexico candidate charged in shooting case denied Bond this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Biden's document Scandal is now DC's hottest guessing game who's sabotaging the president the most intriguing question of the day is this who wanted to sabotage Joe.

Biden's run for a second term more specifically who leaked the story of the classified documents to CBS News remember that it was CBS not the White House which announced on January 9 that attorney general Merrick Garland had delegated the U.S attorney in Chicago to review secret documents found at the president's old office at the Penn Biden.

Center in Washington and that the FBI was also involved the news outfit reported that the discovery of classified papers occurred on November 2nd days before the midterm elections and cited but did not Identify two sources who revealed the probe details provided by those sources were sketchy they could not identify the.

Topics of the documents found or their level of classification what they did reveal is that the materials were kept in a locked closet a convenient detail helpful to protecting the president and allowing him to claim that the papers were safe from prying eyes whoever was behind the leak wanted to.

Wound the president but not mortally ten unanswered questions about Biden's classified documents did the leak come from people in the Justice Department disgusted that President Biden was getting Kid Glove treatment while Donald Trump's residence had been turned upside down by an FBI raid.

Was it FBI whistleblowers fed up with their agencies slow walking an investigation of materials found on Hunter Biden's notorious laptop a probe which could entail National Security risks and could well lead to the Oval Office that seems unlikely if the information had come from the.

Organizations involved in either initiating the investigation or the follow-up search presumably they would have known more about the materials found in the closet an alternative theory is that it was someone inside the White House who wanted Joe Biden out of the 2024 race Joe Biden after all was on the cusp of.

Formally announcing that he would run for a second term buoyed by the unexpectedly favorable results of the midterm elections and a subsequent bounce in his approval ratings the president was feeling chipper he was ready and willing to stand up to the mega Republicans as he calls them.

And go for a second term others in his party might not have been so optimistic they knew that the Republicans poor showing in the midterms was in part due to the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision which energized pro-choice voters and also because Trump had backed some poor candidates.

Numerous Democrats in the run-up to the November elections chose not to campaign with President Biden some found it convenient to be out of town when he showed up in their states they knew he was not about getter but then the clouds parted for Biden he took credit for the relative successes of the midterms the Democrats.

Kept the Senate and barely lost the house thanks mainly to a Slowdown in China and Biden's Reckless depletion of our nation's strategic petroleum Reserve oil and gasoline prices dropped producing a downward slide in inflation the much anticipated recession likely to flow from the federal reserve's hiking.

Of interest rates had not yet materialized in short Biden has been in recent weeks enjoying a window of relatively favorable news and looked ready to grab it his polling improved from catastrophic to dismal even the stock market helped out gaining ground in the last few weeks.

Of the year for Democrats the better news stream was a mixed blessing the polling was clear seventy percent of Americans including 57 percent of Democrats do not want Joe Biden to run for a second term neither do boaters want Donald Trump to be the candidate.

The country appears ready to move on to a new generation of leaders but Joe Biden doesn't want to move on he's visibly annoyed that the document's fuhrer is dulling his midterm Afterglow testily telling a reporter last week about that he has no regrets about his secret paper's mess and that there's no they're there.

Others including many in his own party see it differently numerous Democrat legislators have called for a thorough investigation of the documents breach the volume of criticism is growing Senators Dick Durbin Tim Kaine and Joe manchin and representative Debbie stiebenow are among those who have.

Rebuked the president for his mishandling of secret documents which as Durbin recently put it is not supposed to happen over the past weekend even as stalwart Ally former house Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined to give Biden a green light to run again evasively telling Maureen Dowd that deciding to do so is up to the.

President hardly a solid endorsement asked by the New York Times writer if age is a positive thing for him the former house Speaker acknowledged it was not though tempering that assessment by adding that age is a relative thing Nancy age 82 knows of what she speaks the document Scandal has prompted another downturn in Biden's polling the.

Mishandling of the situation has made his administration look inept given a worsening economic Outlook with Manufacturing Housing and Retail spending all sliding South it is hard to see Biden's fortunes improving anytime soon details of Trump's attempt to overturn defeat in Georgia could be released.

Reuters the final report from a Georgette grand jury investigating then president Donald Trump's efforts to overturn his defeat in the state's 2020 election could soon be publicly released depending on the outcome of a Tuesday court hearing the special Grand jury's findings remain sealed and it is unclear whether Trump.

Who launched another presidential campaign in November or anyone else will face criminal charges for election interference conspiracy or other crimes the panel was convened last year at the request of the Fulton County district attorney fonnie Willis who will ultimately decide whether to make Trump the first former U.S president to face.

Criminal charges during his final weeks in the White House Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad raffensberger asking him to find more votes to overturn the Republicans loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election Days Later a mob of trump supporters stormed the U.S Capitol in an.

Unsuccessful attempt to reverse Biden's victory Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney who formally dissolved the grand jury last week with its report complete has asked Willis's office to weigh in on Tuesday on whether to follow the juror's recommendation that their findings be released.

Trump's lawyers will not be present at the hearing in a statement on Monday his georgia-based legal team said the grand jury never subpoenaed Trump or asked him to appear voluntarily we can assume that the grand jury did their job and looked at the facts and the law as we have and concluded there.

Were no violations of the law by President Trump attorneys Drew fendling Marissa Goldberg and Jennifer little said a coalition of media organizations including news networks and major newspapers filed a brief on Monday arguing that the report should be published in part due to the.

Extraordinary public interest in its contents the special grand jury had subpoena power to gather evidence and compel witness testimony but did not have the authority to issue indictments if Willis determines that charges are warranted based on the findings she could seek indictments from a regular.

Grand jury jurors heard testimony from numerous State officials including Governor Brian Kemp and raffensberger as well as from Key Trump advisors such as U.S senator Lindsey Graham and attorney Rudy Giuliani many witnesses unsuccessfully sought to quash their subpoenas.

In addition to Trump's January 2021 phone call the investigation examined a scheme to appoint an alternate slate of presidential electors in an effort to award Georgia's electoral votes to Trump rather than Biden ahead of congress's certification of the results on January 6 2021 Trump has denied any wrongdoing and.

Accused Willis a Democrat of pursuing him for political gain he has continued to claim falsely that the 2020 election was stolen the Georgia investigation is among several civil and criminal probes threatening Trump his family and his associates a special counsel is overseeing U.S.

Justice department investigations into Trump's actions to alter the outcome of the 2020 election and his retention of classified materials after leaving the White House in 2021 Trump's real estate business the Trump organization was convicted in New York Court in December of tax fraud the state's Democratic attorney general.

Leticia James has sued Trump his company and his children accusing them of lying to Banks and insurers about the value of their assets the Manhattan District Attorney's office is pursuing its own criminal investigation into Trump's business

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