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Prince William's reputation is in the firing line as Prince Harry's Memoir lays fight bear Rhonda Santos promotes the Purity culture of Christian nationalism DeSantis calls out media's mischaracterization of don't say gay legislation not a good Hill to die on Lisa Marie Presley had one request for.

Her memorial service doj is likely to slap Trump with a peel proof charge for January 6 reporter this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Prince William's reputation is in the firing line as Prince Harry's Memoir lays fight bear Prince Harry's book spare is just days away from being released and already.

Much of the content is in the public domain leaks to newspapers and the fact that the Memoir has already gone on sale in Spain have seen Revelations published around the world as the release date of January 10th approaches among the most serious allegations so far are Harry saying that he was.

Physically attacked by his brother and that William and Kate encouraged him to wear a Nazi costume in 2005. there are also sections on his relationship with Camilla and a story about losing his virginity in a field behind a pub while a student had eaten the first leaks to emerge suggest that it is William's reputation that is most.

In the firing line the guardian previewed a story about William physically attacking Harry at their Kensington Palace home in 2019. the Elder Prince the report says came to Nottingham Cottage where Harry and Megan were living in 2019 in an encounter that ended with Harry being knocked to the floor.

He grabbed me by the collar ripping my necklace and he knocked me to the floor he writes I landed on the dog's bowl which cracked under my back the pieces cutting into me I lay there for a moment dazed then got to my feet and told him to get out the younger Prince said he had scrapes and bruises.

In what appears to be astonishingly detailed accounts of life behind closed doors and information that is far more specific than anything he has said so far Harry lays bare the series of events that led to him eventually leaving the Royal fold and it seems that he goes far back into his childhood and Adolescence in a.

Crusade to set the record straight where he feels he has been unfairly portrayed of his Infamous decision to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party in 2005 page six first reported that Harry writes in spare that it was William and Kate who spurred him on I phoned Willie and Kate asked what they thought page six report cites the book.

As saying Nazi uniform they said Harry apparently adds that his brother and sister-in-law both held at the outfit so far both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have remained silent on the memoir's leaks sources from the Palaces declined to.

Comment on the book generally or any specific allegations Ronda Santos promotes the Purity culture of Christian nationalism by his own admission Florida Governor Ron DeSantis R has attempted to prevent residents schools and corporations in Florida from becoming actively attentive to important societal facts and issues.

Especially issues of racial and social justice this is clear in his rhetoric and support surrounding the state's so-called stop the wrongs to our kids and employees w-o-k-e Act in addition to demonizing latings and black immigrants coming from the U.S Southern border and using their bodies.

As props to promote himself and his far-right agenda DeSantis and Republicans in the state legislature pass the stopw.o.k.e ACT to supposedly provide businesses employees Children and Families the legal means of opposing alleged will condoctrination the bill bans the teaching of critical.

Race Theory CRT and other discussions around the country's racial history in schools and it also bans diversity and inclusion training in corporations during a second inaugural address on January 3rd DeSantis declared we reject this woke ideology we seek normalcy not philosophical lunacy.

We will not allow reality facts and Truth to become optional and then he pledged we will never surrender to the woke mob Florida is where woke goes to die in a statement and actions DeSantis is not allowing reality facts and Truth to enter the public sphere DeSantis is not only criminalizing.

Discussions of race and racism but he is also preventing Florida residents from actively attending to important facts and issues of sexuality and gender as well on Tuesday June 7 2022 a large band from the Broward County Florida public school department drove up in front of the Stonewall National Museum and archives.

In Fort Lauderdale in the van Broward County school officials had filled boxes of children's books on lgbtq plus themes taken from County classrooms and school libraries for donation to the museum while County officials claimed the donations were the result of their attempts to clear shelves and office.

Space for the accumulation of other subject matter it is no mere coincidence that Florida's so-called parental rights in education law referred to by opponents as the don't say gay law was to take effect weeks later on July 1st 2022 passed primarily by Republicans in the state legislature and signed into law by.

DeSantis the new law reads in part classroom instruction by school Personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.

Florida has positioned itself at the tip of the spear to cut and bleed to deaf School curricular materials on topics of race gender and sexual identity but most schools as reproductions of the larger society function on an overarching system of racism heteronormativity and other forms of Oppression a December 2022 Progressive political.

Panel in Denver titled straight white American Jesus after podcast of the same name focused on the topic of white Christian nationalism in the United States speakers discussed the major components of Christian nationalism in a sense in history and Purity culture Sarah mossliner a lecturer in religion.

At Central Michigan University asserted that these concepts of innocence and Purity culture are often located in white Christian nationalism stemming from Colonial history when whiteness was coupled with freedom and innocence the Innocence that is connected to White racial identity has been a delusion that has worked really well in giving white.

People a sense of specialness a sense of we have something in common with one another she said there is this sense that we are innocent of all of these things and white Christian nationalism says well this was all part of God's plan musliner continued by explaining the concept of Purity culture taken from.

Conservative Evangelical Christianity which opposes abortion rights and homosexuality and adheres to traditional gender roles and sexual abstinence before marriage for women she claimed that this is also foundational to Christian nationalism this Purity culture is mainly about evangelicals gaining political power.

White Christian nationalism is steeped in myths of national innocence and this idea that the founding of the United States was a god-anointed beginning musliner said and this is connected as a movement by a unified commitment to a social order of a shared Theology of family and a shared perception of gender roles sexuality and.

Gender expression Catherine Stewart an investigative journalist and author of the power worshipers inside the dangerous rise of religious nationalism who was also on the panel set of Christian nationalism it's not a single religion it's both an ideology a set of ideas and it's also a political movement an organized quest.

For power many politicians have tried to Ally themselves with this ideology to promote it Stewart said citing Ron DeSantis who identified himself with this ideology to gain votes in his political campaigns and now it seems in his quest for the White House so as DeSantis and the growing number of.

Politicians and state and National conservative caucuses push for similar anti-woke anti-crt and anti-lgbtq plus regulations and laws in the schools as well as restrictions on diversity and inclusion discussions in businesses their not so hidden agenda is intended to bring the nation closer to the patriarchal white Christian nationalist.

Ideals attempted in other fascist movements power hungry autocrats understand that an informed awake populace increases the chances of mass challenges to their Authority as history has clearly shown but if the white power structure can severely restrict and downgrade the education of people they deem outside.

The structure people of color non-christians non-cisgender and non-heteronormative individuals then they believe their domination will be assured however allowing free and age-appropriate discussions of the heart history connected to race and racism unmasks this Christian nationalist myth.

Of white innocence and free and age-appropriate discussions of topics around sexuality and gender knock out of the water the propagation of their invention of some sort of Purity culture destined by God

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