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Major break in Jared Brad gone murder mystery after ex-wife moves cross country White House Biden takes classified info very seriously as more docs turn up searched their sock drawer Keenan Anderson death LAPD releases extended body cam video showing arrest of BLM Founders cousin.

California Democrats consider wealth tax including for people who moved out of state central question as Georgia inquiry wraps Will trump face criminal charges this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington major break in Jared Brighton murder mystery after ex-wife moves cross country.

The Microsoft executive was gunned down February 16th in North Florida exclusive details West Richland Washington the ex-wife of slain Microsoft executive Jared bridgon has moved 2 800 miles from Florida to the Pacific Northwest as investigators are about to announce that an arrest is imminent in the unsolved murder Fox News.

Digital has learned nearly one year after the father of four was executed in front of his toddler Bexley in North Florida Shauna Gardner Fernandez quietly uprooted her ten-year-old twins with Jared and relocated to West Richland Washington when asked Monday to comment on the significant development in the case she.

Responded no I'm sorry minutes later she was spotted in her white Tesla in a grocery store parking lot speaking on her cell phone Jared's second wife Kirsten bridegone with whom he shares three-year-old Bexley and one-year-old London said she was stunned Gardner Fernandez had moved so far away.

Honestly I was shocked she told Fox News digital in an interview Monday first the twins lost their dad then they were completely cut off from their own sisters and now they're being taken away from their school friends their sports teams they are so isolated and that's what concerns me.

Jared had custody of the twins every other week but soon after his murder Gardner Fernandez ended all contact with his family according to Kirsten it's been an added loss she said on top of losing Jared my children have lost their siblings I've lost my stepkids I have tried for months and months to.

Make contact and have gotten nowhere Gardner Fernandez 35 and bride gone 33 divorced in 2016 but they continued to battle over finances and custody of the Twins and family court until his death on February 16 2022 a law enforcement source told Fox News digital that an arrest is expected as early as Wednesday but would not.

Elaborate Gardner Fernandez and her second husband Mario Fernandez remain suspects in the mysterious killing according to a second source after the murder the couple retained high-powered criminal defense lawyer Henry Cox III who declined to comment for this story Monday.

Less than one year after the children traumatically lost their father Gardner Fernandez pulled them out of their private Jacksonville Beach school and moved them into a six-bedroom four-bathroom house in the Tri-Cities area of Southeastern Washington property records show that the modern ranch home was purchased in September.

For one million dollars by white sand LLC which lists the Alpine Utah address of her parents Shelley and Sterling Gardner Shelly Gardner founded the papercraft company stampin Up which has an estimated annual revenue of more than 100 million dollars a year according to Ink fact.

Her parents are prominent fixtures in the Mormon Community known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS they were in West Richland this past week visiting their daughter and grandchildren and attended a service solo Sunday at a local LDS Church Jared was a devout adherent of the faith Gardner Fernandez drifted from the.

Religion after their 2010 marriage and then allegedly had an affair triggering their acrimonious split Fox News digital previously reported her second marriage is also faltering shortly after the murder neighbors said they no longer saw Fernandez at the couple's one million dollar Jacksonville Beach home which they co-owned and he.

Did not join her for the cross-country move it was listed for sale October 27 then taken off the market January 3rd public records show White House Biden takes classified info very seriously as more docs turn up searched their sock drawer Biden said last week he has no regrets.

About how he's handled the discovery of classified documents White House Press Secretary Kareem Jean-Pierre insisted that President Biden takes classified information seriously on Monday just days after a fourth batch of documents with classified markings turned up during an FBI search of his home in Wilmington.

Delaware Fox News White House correspondent Peter dise asked if there is a precedent for people running for president after the FBI searched their sock drawer here's what the president's going to focus on he's going to focus on continuing to deliver for the American people.

That's his Focus that's what he focuses on every day Jean-Pierre responded adding that Biden doesn't tend to run for president again in 2024. in the latest Discovery the justice department said it seized six items consisting of documents with classification markings from his.

Wilmington estate during a 13-hour planned consensual search by the FBI on Friday some of the classified documents were from his time as a U.S senator and others were from his tenure as vice president in the Obama Administration additional classified documents have also been found in Biden's garage and.

Personal library in Wilmington as well as at the pen Biden Center Think Tank on November 2nd 2022 the president has been very clear that he takes this very seriously when it comes to classified information when it comes to classified documents and that his team has been fully Cooperative with this legal matter Jean-Pierre said.

Monday referring other questions to White House counsel Desi also asked Jean-Pierre if President Biden is involved in a cover-up Republicans have sharply criticized the handling of classified documents by Biden who called the discovery of classified documents at former president Trump's home totally irresponsible last.

Year Democrats have also offered milder criticism Senate majority whipped Dick Durbin Democrat Illinois told CNN on Sunday that Biden should be embarrassed by the situation but that the president has been more transparent than Trump it is outrageous that either occurred.

Durbin told the news Outlet but the reaction by the former president and the current president could not be in sharper contrast Senator Joe manchin Democrat West Virginia told NBC news on Sunday that Biden should have a lot of regrets and admit that he was irresponsible Biden said that he doesn't regret how.

He's handled the ordeal while touring storm-damaged areas of California last week I think you're going to find there's nothing there I have no regrets Biden said I'm following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do it's exactly what we're doing.

There's no they're there Keenan Anderson death LAPD releases extended body cam video showing arrest of BLM Founders cousin Anderson the cousin of black lives matter co-founder Patrice cullers was tossed by an LAPD officer multiple times the Los Angeles Police Department released more body camera footage.

Related to the death of Keenan Anderson who died in police custody earlier this month Anderson was a cousin of black lives matter co-founder Patrice cullers the 31 year old high school English teacher from Washington DC was visiting family in Los Angeles when he flagged down an officer for a car crash in.

Venice California on January 3rd Witnesses told the LAPD Anderson caused the crash the officer spoke with Anderson and called an additional units for a DUI investigation the full body camera video released on Monday shows about seven minutes of the incident prior to Anderson's arrest.

He is heard discussing with an officer what led to the crash he can also be heard yelling help several times and even asking for a lawyer Anderson then runs away from officers and into traffic he is taken to the ground by several officers over several minutes.

He appears to struggle with officers before a taser is used on him six times in 42 seconds Anderson was then cuffed and taken away in an ambulance he died at the hospital about four hours later his autopsy and cause of death are on security hold at the Los Angeles County.

Coroner's office the LAPD said Anderson experienced a medical emergency preliminary toxicology reports indicated there was marijuana and cocaine in his blood Anderson's family filed a 50 million dollar claim for damages against the city of Los Angeles.

Attorney Carl Douglas announced the damages claim at a news conference along with noted civil rights attorney Ben Crump who represented the family of George Floyd in Minnesota if you taste someone with 50 000 watts of electrical energy six times in the heart is there really any wonder that moments later his heart would begin to.

Flutter Douglas said is there really any wonder that moments later his heart would begin to beat erratically and is there any wonder why four hours later his heart could no longer withstand the pressure from that taser and gave out.

The city has not yet commented on the claim the LAPD set a full investigation into Anderson's death was being conducted

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