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The Queen's hilarious response to meeting President Donald Trump and is breaking a protocol has been revealed in a new book Twitter is roasting Austin Butler for his Elvis voice at the Golden Globes Biden docks White House requested FBI search that uncovered latest batch of classified documents.

Monterey Park mass shooting suspect on the loose after 10 killed during Lunar New Year celebration former Trump doj aide says Biden's team should be nervous about classified documents probe because Federal prosecutors are like hunting dogs who like to come back with something in their mouth.

This is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington the Queen's hilarious response to meeting President Donald Trump and is breaking a protocol has been revealed in a new book there seemed to be some intimate and humorous details in the highly anticipated book Elizabeth an intimate portrait written by the famous English.

Actor and former member of UK Parliament Giles brandreth having an established relationship with the royal family and being a good friend of Prince Philip it's no surprise that the former Maverick politician knows a thing or two about the life and personality of Queen Elizabeth II in his detail-packed biography book.

Brandarth highlights some worth remembering moments of her majesty and former U.S president Donald Trump when he officially visited the kingdom for the first time in June 2018. Queen Elizabeth surprisingly accepted the fact that Mr Trump had walked in front of her majesty at Windsor Castle let alone the fact that the former U.S.

President broke the protocol earlier in his visit when he shook hands with the Queen instead of bowing to her but Donald Trump apparently knew what he was doing not only did the queen put up with this seemingly rude Behavior but she also seemed to be amused instead of feeling offended brandarth wrote that her majesty laughed.

Out loud later on that night when she watched herself on TV bobbing about behind him both the queen and Mr Trump seemed to have a good time during the state visit according to brandreth who added that the duo had gotten along wonderfully talking the whole evening Queen Elizabeth apparently holds a.

Special place in the former president's heart describing her majesty as Grace charm nobility following her death on September 8th she was beloved by the American people like few others the queen was truly special to us he continued there is so much to remember about the queen other than her sense of humor and.

Although Her Majesty was and still a popular figure among both Brits and non-brits there are some surprising facts about her that are not known by everyone Twitter is roasting Austin Butler for his eldest voice at the Golden Globes Austin Butler won a Golden Globe last night which yay.

Good for him although it appears as though he was possessed by the spirit of Elvis at the time who took over Austin's body right before he got on stage as a result Austin delivered a speech sounding like this obviously no one could deal with whatever is happening here happy face.

Carrot and Twitter immediately got to work at this point you're probably wondering what Austin's pre Elvis voice sounded like same so here's an interview of him promoting asterisk checks notes asterisk the Shannara Chronicles from about six years.

Ago by the way Austin was asked about using his Elvis voice pretty much right after winning his Golden Globe and had this to say back in June Austin told Entertainment Tonight at this point I keep asking people is this my voice because this feels like my real it's one of those.

Things where certain things trigger it and other times as well it's I don't know when you live with something for two years and you do nothing else I think that you can't help it it becomes a fiber of your being Biden docks White House requested FBI search that uncovered latest batch of.

Classified documents the doj confirmed the search of Biden's home was consensual White House lawyers reportedly requested the FBI search that uncovered a fourth batch of misplaced classified documents inside President Biden's private residence on Friday Justice Department officials had.

Previously stated that the 13-hour search of Biden's Wilmington Delaware homeless consensual but it was unclear which party had initiated it it now appears that the White House requested the search of its own accord NBC News reported citing White House sources Friday's batch of documents was the.

Fourth to be found since November and the third to be found inside Biden's Wilmington home on January 20th 2023 the FBI executed a planned consensual search of the president's residence in Wilmington Delaware Joseph D Fitzpatrick an assistant U.S attorney to U.S attorney for the northern district of Illinois.

John lausch told Fox News Saturday FBI and other doj Personnel arrived at Biden's home at 9 45 a.m and searched the house for roughly 12 hours leaving at 10 30 p.m lausch coordinated the effort he is maintaining a prominent role in the investigation while special counsel Robert Herr gets up to speed.

Biden lawyer Bob Bauer reiterated on Saturday that the president and his administration were cooperating fully with the doj's investigation at the outset of this matter the president directed his personal attorneys to fully cooperate with the Department of Justice Bower said accordingly having previously identified.

And reported to doj a small number of documents with classification markings at the president's Wilmington home in the interest of moving the process forward as expeditiously as possible we offered to provide prompt access to his home to allow doj to conduct a search of the entire premises for potential vice presidential records and potential.

Classified material he added the doj search resulted in the confiscation of six items with classification markings while the previous batches of classified documents were dated to Biden's time as vice president this fourth batch came from his time in the Senate it is unclear where in the home the.

Documents were found previous dashes were located in Biden's garage Monterey Park mass shooting suspect on the loose after 10 killed during Lunar New Year celebration few details known about suspect described as male Asian and Firearm used says Los Angeles County Sheriff.

The Manhunt continued Monterey Park California for a gunman who opened fire Saturday night at a ballroom dance studio near a Lunar New Year Festival killing 10 people and wounding an additional 10 before he possibly targeted a second dance hall and failed investigators said Sunday morning there were still more questions than.

Answers hours after the deadly shooting according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna who said few details were known about the suspect and the weapon used the description we have now is of a male Asian Luna told reporters during a press conference he emphasized it was a preliminary.

Description and added the suspect's age maybe between 30 and 50. while Luna said authorities didn't have definitive information about the firearm used because Witnesses have given different descriptions he told reporters that investigators at this time don't believe it was an assault rifle during the conference Luna added we need.

To get this person off the street as soon as possible multiple rounds were fired at the dance club before Monterey Park police arrived at the scene at the 120 block of West Garvey Avenue around 10 22 p.m Luna said Captain Andrew Meyer from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide Bureau confirmed to reporters earlier.

Sunday that people were pouring out of the location screaming when officers arrived responding officers entered the club without hesitation while firefighters triage the wounded outside police have confirmed that 10 victims believed to be five males and five females were pronounced dead at the.

Scene with 10 additional victims taken to local hospitals in various conditions ranging from stable to critical no further details about any victims were immediately available investigating another incident that may be connected to the shooting that happened about 20 minutes later at the Lai Lai Ballroom in the nearby city of.

Alhambra a male Asian suspect entered the club with a firearm which was wrestled away from him by patrons according to Luna the suspect then fled the scene no injuries were reported in the second incident honestly we don't know the answer to that yet Luna said referring to the.

Possible connection between the two incidents it may be or may not be authorities said they could not release details about the firearm recovered at the scene in Alhambra but said it could be the same weapon used in the deadly shooting in Monterey Park when asked about a possible motive or.

Whether the shooting could be a hate crime Luna said that detectives were looking at every possibility following multiple leads and interviewing dozens of witnesses investigators said officials would have another update on the incident later Sunday the White House said earlier Sunday that.

Homeland Security adviser Elizabeth Sherwood Randall briefed President Biden on the mass shooting

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