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What explains the surge in U.S national debt during President Trump's time in office Donald Trump accuses his special counsel of bullying everyone in sight the Trump kids lavish homes rival their fathers Trump goes on 1am Truth social spree trashing Joe and Mika and accepting a.

2024 endorsement from Dilbert guy Morning Joe panelists Amazed by narcissistic sociopath Trump's speech at supporter's funeral this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington what explains the surge in U.S national debt during President Trump's time in office according to the fact-checking site.

Snopes and U.S treasury data 25 of the United States total national debt was accrued during the Trump Administration the surgeon debt was largely due to the 3.7 trillion dollars in pandemic relief offered to Americans Snopes reported details the 25 claim stemmed from a tweet from David Jolly an MSNBC contributor and former Florida.

Representative who was responding to a tweet from house Speaker Kevin McCarthy McCarthy had argued that House Republicans are on a mission to end wasteful Washington spending Jolly responded for context roughly 25 percent of our total national debt incurred over the last 230 years actually occurred during the four years.

Of the Trump Administration that's right 25 of our entire national debt all during the Trump years Snopes backed up the statement reporting that technically this statement is true according to U.S treasury data the national debt level Rose by 7.8 trillion dollars during Trump's four years as.

President which is about 25 percent of the current 31 trillion dollars in national debt Snopes reported that it is misleading to invoke 230 years of history when discussing the present national debt noting that most of the 31 trillion dollars were accumulated within the last two decades alone.

However it is important to note that the unprecedented events of the covid-19 pandemic were the largest contributor to this amount with the treasury borrowing three trillion dollars to cover covid-19 relief costs such as stimulus packages according to Newsweek Newsweek added that Trump's tax cuts and jobs Act of 2017 significantly added to.

The level of national debt how do other presidents compare during President Barack Obama's eight years in office his administration was responsible for 29 of the national debt per treasury data in Joe Biden's time as president thus far his administration is responsible for 11 of the debt.

Although comparatively it may seem like Trump's Administration was responsible for a larger portion of the national debt it is important to take in the impact of the pandemic when viewing these statistics according to the balance the national debt level has historically increased by large amounts during times of.

Uncertainty in the country and the economy for example Franklin D Roosevelt is responsible for the largest increase in the national debt in presidential history increasing the debt level from 22.5 billion dollars to 236 billion dollars this was largely because of the national.

Devastation of the Great Depression World War II and the New Deal the balance reported the national debt also increased significantly under President Woodrow Wilson's Administration during World War One and during President George W Bush's time in office which was defined by Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after September.

11th Bush was also in control during the 2001 recession and the 2008 financial crisis per the balance Donald Trump accuses his special counsel of bullying everyone in sight Donald Trump has continued to attack the special counsel appointed to oversee the investigation into the classified.

Documents found at the former president's mar-a Lego resort in his latest swipe at Jack Smith Trump accused the prosecutor broadened by attorney general Merrick Garland of bullying everyone in sight amid reports that special counsel Robert Herr has not started on his work investigating the classified materials found at President.

Joe Biden's Delaware home and former office in Washington D.C while my special counsel prosecutor is viciously harassing and bullying anyone and everyone in sight Trump posted on Truth social while sharing a link for conservative news site Red State discussing the reports about her this should not be allowed to continue.

We did nothing wrong Trump has repeatedly attacked Smith and suggested the veteran prosecutor should be removed from overseeing the classified materials probe because the special counsel is biased against the former president in an appearance on the Mark Levin Show on January 12 Trump accused Smith who is.

Also heading the criminal investigation into the January 6 attack of being a terrorist while calling on him to resign due to apparent conflicts of interest he is a terrorist he is a trump hater his best friends are Russia inquiry prosecutor Andrew Weissman and all of these characters Lisa Monaco at the.

Justice department one of the top officials this is a disgraceful situation he should resign Trump said his wife hates Trump probably even Beyond him and his wife has a sister who openly hates like a level that you can't even believe.

Smith's wife Katie chavigne worked as a producer on the Michelle Obama documentary becoming and twice donated to Biden's 2020 presidential campaign Paula Reed senior legal Affairs correspondent for CNN tweeted that her has not yet begun his work looking into the obama-era classified materials found at the president's private Wilmington.

Residence and the Penn Biden Center but that the Department of Justice expects the special counsel to be on board shortly Garland said that her would be appointed special counsel to review the appearance of the classified materials on January 12th the report arrived as Biden's lawyer Bob.

Bauer confirmed that six more documents with classified markings were discovered at Biden's home following a search by the doj officials on Friday January 20th doj had full access to the president's home including personally handwritten notes files papers binders memorabilia to-do lists schedules and reminders going back decades Bauer said in a.

Statement doj took possession of materials it deemed within the scope of its inquiry including six items consisting of documents with classification markings and surrounding materials some of which were from the president's service in the Senate and some of which were from his tenure as vice president.

Doj also took for further review personally handwritten notes from the vice presidential years the Trump kids lavish homes rival their fathers Donald Trump and his then wife the lady Ivana Trump welcomed their first child Donald Jr in 1977 when they were living in Manhattan's coveted Olympic Tower.

Condo two years later the trio decamped to the ultra high-end 805th Avenue another one of New York's most prestigious addresses and in 1981 Ivanka was born Trump goes on 1am Truth social spree trashing Joe and Mika and accepting a 2024 endorsement from Dilbert guy former president Donald Trump went on a.

Late night truth social spree going after everyone from the special counsel investigating him to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski while also accepting a 2024 endorsement from the creator of Dilbert apphoto Andrew harnick file in a series of six posts to his social media platform all made after 1am.

Eastern time the former president vented about various topics starting with two favorites Hunter and Joe Biden from there he made a quip about the reported new incoming white house chief of staff Jeff science and later Trump took on special counsel Jack Smith my special counsel prosecutor is.

Viciously harassing and bullying anyone and everyone in sight Trump wrote this should not be allowed to continue we did nothing wrong after that the former president renewed his longtime Feud with two Rivals from the cable news World Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski the latter of whom he misnamed.

Well Morning Joe Scarborough and his lovely and very soothing wife Mike have really bad television ratings Trump wrote that's what happens when you become Trump deranged better yet fake news CNN and msdnc are dying before logging off for the night Trump.

Acknowledged a 2024 presidential endorsement from Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert thank you Scott I accept your endorsement Trump wrote I knocked out Isis I will knock out the cartels

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