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Prince Harry will speak out against Kate Middleton in Memoir source's claim Prince Harry says he and William wouldn't be estranged if Princess Diana were alive Donald Trump's griping about Evangelical disloyalty was an order to get in line opinion Israel's Netanyahu fires cabinet Ally.

Heating Court ruling King Charles will likely do something decisive to put the Prince Harry drama behind him this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Prince Harry will speak out against Kate Middleton in Memoir source's claim Prince Harry's debut Memoir spare is.

Dropping on January 10th and apparently he's not holding back when it comes to his brother Prince William according to sources who spoke to the Daily Mail the brother's relationship hangs by a thread ahead of spare's publication while a source tells the Sun that at the heart of this book Lies a sibling rivalry between little brother.

And Big Brother it will reveal Harry's bitterness and feelings of unfairness that by the nature of hierarchy and Birthright that he always played second fiddle to older William the sun Source says the falling out is to be covered in the book in detail and what aggravates is it's not an outsider revealing these.

Private moments it's Harry giving his one-sided account of family affairs Harry and William Were Meant to stick together and support each other when it comes to King Charles The Source says that Camilla is Charles's Red Line if Harry trashes her then Charles could pull the plug and Harry knows that Harry had a difficult relationship with.

Camilla who had an affair with his father when he was still married to Diana but attacking Camilla would not go down well among Palace staff or his father and Harry is aware meanwhile A source told the Sunday Times that the book will also take him at Kate Middleton saying generally I think the.

Book will be worse for them than the royal family is expecting everything is laid bare Charles comes out of it better than I expected but it's tough on William in particular and even Kate gets a bit of a broadside The Source added there are these minute details and a description of the fight.

Between the brothers I personally can't see how Harry and William will be able to reconcile after this Prince Harry says he and William wouldn't be estranged if Princess Diana were alive Prince Harry doesn't think his relationship with brother Prince William.

Would be as broken as it is today if their mother Princess Diana were alive the Duke of Sussex sat down for a conversation with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday's episode of The Late Show upon the release of his highly anticipated Memoir spare if your mother were still alive do you ever think about how she might handle.

This moment Colbert asked Harry referring to his estrangement from The Prince of Wales we wouldn't have got to this moment Harry replied it's impossible to say where we would be now where those relationships would be now but there is no way that the distance between my brother and I would.

Be the same Colbert then asked Harry if he ever calls upon his mother for help or thinks of the advice she would have given him I've said quite a lot recently in different interviews that I've really felt the presence of my mom especially in the last couple of years and I detail in the book my brother and.

I talking at her grave and how he felt as though she had been with him for a long period of time and helped set him up with life and that he felt she was now moving over to me Harry said the prince notes in his Memoir that he has felt his mother's presence more than ever since he married Meghan Markle and left the monarchy and it has reassured.

Him that he's on the right track he even compares his wife to his mother saying Duchess Megan shares the late princess compassion empathy warmth and confidence in spare Harry also writes in length about how difficult it was to cope with his mother's death and how for years he tricked himself into thinking she was.

Not actually gone but had instead gone into hiding to protect herself and to get closure on her passing which took place when he was just 12. he drove through the same tunnel where she died Donald Trump's griping about Evangelical disloyalty was in order to get in line opinion in politics if you're looking for.

Something you'll find it Washington's new speakers and opinion talkers have been searching since last year's Congressional elections for evidence underscoring the suspicion that for the Republican party and the criminal former president The Thrill is Gone specifically that Trump's relationship.

With white Evangelical Protestants the hardest of his hardcore supporters during his presidency is soft the occasion was his appearance Monday on real America's voice the evidence was his mealing about white Evangelical Protestant leaders who have been withholding support he claimed for his third Run for the White House.

It's a sign of disloyalty Trump told the host David Brody there's great disloyalty in the world of politics and that's a sign of disloyalty read more Trump could end DeSantis presidential hopes with a series of surprising attacks analyst if you're looking for something you'll find it.

For vanity fairs caleba Karma Donald Trump's deathless remonstrations were enough to suggest that several high-profile Evangelical leaders and activists have signaled that they want a new standard Bearer to lead the Republican Party into 2024. Monday's complaint about disloyalty has been taken to mean there's a growing.

Divide between white Evangelical Protestants who labored to bring down Roe and the president who made that Gothic dream come true but just as possible Trump's remarks could be a warning the interview brought up Robert Jeffress the Texas Pastor whose sermon at Trump's inauguration focused on the moment when.

God chooses a leader according to the religion news service Jeffress will endorse Trump only if he wins the forthcoming Republican primary race that's a sign of disloyalty Trump said thing is he never asked for it Jeffrey said evangelicals would ultimately coalesce around him as the.

GOP nominee for 2024 and I would happily and enthusiastically support him Jeffress hopes however that Trump doesn't think of me as being disloyal for not volunteering a primary endorsement he has not requested from me in that hope is a recognition recognition of authority if you're looking for division between.

Trump and white Evangelical Protestants you'll find it but what you've really found is a Republican leader ordering the hardest of his hardcore supporters to get in line there can be only one the idea popular among new speakers and opinion talkers that The Thrill Is Gone.

Is made possible by Ron desantises and born talent for getting attention from the right-wing media apparatus without drawing Donald Trump's ire businessweek's Joshua Greene summed up the DeSantis formula used the media to create a cultural ambrolio that outrages liberals and that is Trump adjacent but features himself not Trump in the role.

Of alpha male the DeSantis formula is giving Republicans who desire Victory more than they desire owning the libs the impression that the Florida governor is a viable option the problem the formula is nearly all of it a media fiction.

If you're looking for something you'll find it Larry Hogan the former governor of Maryland whose name comes up sometimes in conversations about the 2024 presidential election told CNN's Jake Tapper that sure DeSantis is great when he's on Fox would DeSantis be good at reaching out.

To the middle Tapper asked he hasn't done it so far Hogan said he's done a good job of getting on Fox News and he's capturing a lot of attention he's doing well with the base but he's going to have to figure out a way if he wants to have a political future Beyond.

Florida to appeal to a broader audience if you're looking for something you'll find it Republicans who desire Victory more than owning the libs appear to be looking for viable options they have searched and they have found Ron DeSantis but DeSantis might not be what they're.

Looking for because they are looking for an alternative alpha male great there's just one problem for Republicans who desire Victory more than owning the libs the midterms demonstrated conclusively the liabilities of Donald Trump these Republicans tend to be older more educated and richer.

But the rest of the party never got that memo wrote Alex theodoridus a political scientist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst his new poll shows that the GOP base its floor of less affluent and white working-class voters has yet to fully receive the post 2022 midterms memo about quitting Trump and his election.

Denialism and seeing him and his ilk as an albatross Fetter to the party's electoral fortunes professor theodoridus said only 10 percent of Republicans blame Trump for the party's lackluster midterm they attributed that to Old standby rationalizations like media bias 30 and voter fraud 21 percent.

Would things be better if Trump's

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