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Prince Harry will speak out against Kate Middleton in Memoir source's claim Prince Harry says he and William wouldn't be estranged if Princess Diana were alive Donald Trump's griping about Evangelical disloyalty was an order to get in line opinion Israel's Netanyahu fires cabinet Ally.

Heating Court ruling King Charles will likely do something decisive to put the Prince Harry drama behind him this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Prince Harry alleges King Charles leaped story about Kate and Megan's pre-wedding fight Prince Harry isn't afraid to include.

Receipts in his Memoir spare which officially releases today previously leaked excerpts of the book reveal the tense exchange between Catherine Princess of Wales and Megan Duchess of Sussex days before the sussex's 2018 wedding claiming that Kate made Megan cry after she demanded that all the dresses for the flower girls be.

Remade as it turns out Harry even includes the actual text messages from their fight in his book Charlotte's dress is too big too long too baggy Kate allegedly texts Megan referring to princess Charlotte's flower girl dress Harry notes in the book that the dresses.

Were made from measurements obtained at a previous fitting she cried when she tried it on at home Kate texts Megan reminds Kate that a tailor who could perform alterations was already at Kensington Palace writing back right and I told you the tailor has been standing by since 8AM.

Here at KP can you take Charlotte to have it altered as the other moms are doing shop now still Kate demands that all the dresses be remade she allegedly cites the advice of her own wedding dress designer Alexander.

McQueen Sarah Burton who agrees with her Megan then asks Kate if she knows the stress she is underdue to the drama surrounding her father Meg asked if Kate was aware of what was going on right now with her father Harry reportedly writes Kate said she was well aware but the dresses.

And the wedding is in four days Harry adds that Kate had problems with the way Meg was planning her wedding something about a party for the page boys it went back and forth Meghan allegedly texts the Princess of Wales I'm not sure what else to say if the dress doesn't fit then please.

Take Charlotte to crj he's been waiting all day fine Kate answers Harry writes that when he came home he found his wife to be sobbing on the floor when table lights reported that Megan had made Kate cry months later the two couples had a secret meeting at Megan.

And Harry's home at Nottingham Cottage on December 10 2018. together the four found out that King Charles III may have been behind the leaked story we all gathered in our little front and x and this time there was no Small Talk Kate got things rolling straight away by acknowledging that the stories and the.

Papers about Meg making her cry were totally false Harry writes he adds that Kate allegedly said I know Megan that I was the one who made you cry when it came to taking action about setting the record straight Kate became flustered while William gave supportive sounding evasions.

When they realized that no action would be taken the sussexes decided to focus on who leaked the story to the tabloids we went around and around Harry continues the list of suspects became vanishingly small finally finally Willie leaned back and conceded that a hem while we'd been on.

Tour in Australia he and Kate had gone to dinner with Paw King Charles III and Camilla and alas he said sheepishly he might have let it slip and that there's been Strife between the two couples the admission shocked Megan and Harry I put my hand over my face Meg froze.

A heavy silence fell so now we knew he writes I told Willie you of all people should have known he nodded he knew more silence it was time for them to go Megan talked about the incident during a.

2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey in which she refuted the Tabloid story I don't think it's fair to her to get into the details of the fight because she apologized and I've forgiven her what was hard to get over was being blamed for something that not only I didn't do but that happened to me The.

Duchess said at the time and the people who were part of our wedding going to our comms team and saying I know this didn't happen here's why Taylor Swift skipped the 2023 Golden Globes sue if you were hoping Taylor Swift would show up at the 2023 Golden Globes same it looks like we're fresh out of.

Luck Taylor didn't walk the red carpet despite being nominated for best original song in a motion picture for Carolina from where the crawdads sing and naturally Twitter has very much been in its feelings while it's possible Taylor could show up Midway through the show it seems.

Unlikely especially since we're well aware that she's busy rehearsing for her tour that no one could get tickets to it's fine I'm fine Taylor actually confirmed that she's rehearsing for the ears Tour on January 5th just five days before the Golden Globes on January 10th either way Taylor has been more than.

Clear about her love for Carolina and where the crawdads sing so chances are she'll be supporting slash watching the Globes from afar back in March Tay wrote on Instagram where the Crawdad Singh is a book I got absolutely lost in when I read it years ago as soon as I heard there was a film in.

The work starring the incredible at Daisy Edgar Jones and produced by the brilliant at Reese Witherspoon I knew I wanted to be a part of it from the musical side I wrote the song Carolina alone and asked my friend at Aaron destner to produce it I wanted to create something haunting.

And ethereal to match this mesmerizing story Elon Musk comes to the rescue of struggling president the everything CEO medals and geopolitical Affairs and does not hesitate to comment on events unfolding in other countries Elon Musk is a CEO with one of the.

Busiest agendas the billionaire considers himself a global CEO as such he comments on major events taking place in different countries around the world he does not hesitate to give his opinion on the internal political Affairs of these countries.

The CEO of Tesla TSLA get free report and founder of SpaceX is taking advantage of the big vacuum of leaders on the world stage to take on this role he has just come to the rescue of French president Emmanuel macron who is facing social discontent due to a reform of the pension system he is considering the reform proposes to shift the legal.

Retirement age to 64 in 2030 and not from 62 to 65 in 2031 as macron had announced during the 2022 presidential campaign and to accelerate the extension of the contribution period to 43 years from 2027 I.E also an additional quarter per year but no one will have to work for more than 44 years.

This bill unveiled on January 10th by prime minister Elizabeth born after several months of talks with unions and the political parties is a new reform of the pay-as-you-go pension system the objective of which is to restore the country's finances the flagship measure of the reform is a gradual lowering of the legal retirement.

Age macron intends to move quickly the government deprived of an absolute majority in the National Assembly the French House of Representatives wants to limit the debate the objective is for the adoption of the bill in March and its translation into law thereafter.

Macron would like the main measures to be effective by September 1st but this is too fast denounce the unions which for the first time in 12 years have decided to mobilize together as soon as the project was unveiled they called for a first day of strikes and demonstrations on January 19th human Tides according to local media.

Have thus swept through many streets of French cities to protest against this bill the reaction of the French and their degree of mobilization against this reform which is largely rejected according to opinion polls Remains the great unknown for musk macron is right to reform.

Pensions and he has just sent him a message to that effect the billionaire indicates that lifespans have increased considerably and therefore social policies should be adjusted to this new reality macron is doing the difficult but right thing musk tweeted on January 21st the retirement age of 62 was set when.

Lifespans were much shorter it is impossible for a small number of workers to support a massive number of retirees the message of support for macron triggered mixed reactions on social media some Twitter users agreed with musk While others simply asked him not to.

Meddle in French politics it is not your business one Twitter user commented we are in France we don't need neoliberal lessons from a U.S billionaire who lives thanks to the work of others

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