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Here are the snubs and surprisesfrom the Oscar nominations. Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams revealedthe nominees for the 95th Academy Awards everything everywhere, allat once. Sleds with 11 nods, including Best Picture. Jimmy Kimmel will host the Oscarslive on ABC March 12th and USA Today film critic Brian Truittjoins us now. Brian, we've been talking about Top Gun Maverickthroughout this entire award season. The big box office hit receivesa best picture nomination, but still nothing for Tom Cruise, huh?.

Yeah. Poor Tom Cruise . He just, he doesn't have another Oscarnomination, but I would, I would've liked to seen him get onehere because I mean, he is so good in it. He'll be best actor in all of our. Hearts. Tom Cruise, not the only Alister to be shut outfrom that category as our Patrick Ryan notes. Adam Sandler as well, inaddition to Brad Pitt for Babylon. But let's move over to Best Actressbecause there was a big snub there, Viola Davis. What happened here, Brian?.

There was apparently some kind oflike big Alister push to get Andrea Rebo a, a nomination for to Leslie. Now, Viola Davis didn't have one. DanielDetweiler from Till doesn't have one, and I feel like they had better stuffand the fact that the Woman King didn't get a Best Picture nomination or bestdirector or a best actress nomination when it was right there, that'skind of shocking to me. All right, let's talk best picture here. Any other movies surprise youor get snubbed in this category? Triangle of Sadness got into best picture,.

And this is per my personaltriangle of sadness right here. That r r didn't get up. Best Picture, the best movie of last year didnot get a best Picture nomination. But what's interesting is all quiet onthe Western front got nine nominations. A lot of blockbusters havea chance to get in there, but Oscar voters still go for, you know,that the kind of the smaller stuff. And that probably took our space.

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